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12 Things You Should Know About Facebook Timeline

Social Media Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2012-06-21

12 Things You Should Know About Facebook Timeline

What is Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is one of the latest profiles and walls of the social networking site Facebook. Announced in the month of September in the year 2011, Facebook Timeline was made a non-option feature for all Facebook users in the starting of 2012. The display features of this profile are quite attractive and user friendly.

  • Facebook Timeline Ensures Privacy :-Facebook users can customize the privacy settings for each item appearing on the Timeline. Provided with two buttons to facilitate editing, you can select the object that and adjust the setting for selective viewing.
  • Hide and Delete Option :-There are certain options that you can use to hide or delete any item from your Facebook account. These options are hidden under the pen icon. A benefit associated with Facebook Timeline is that when you enable it, this profile is not visible to the world for seven days unless you deliberately publish it. This gives you an opportunity to hide or delete the information which you don't want to reveal.
  • Add An Event :-Facebook Timeline allows its users to enter any kind of real event from birthday bashes to wedding ceremony. The experience is better than ever.
  • Dates :-Facebook Timeline features a calendar display that allows the users to backdate a post. You can use a drop-down menu and add the past events by surfing according to the date.
  • Editing:-Facebook Timeline allows to you to edit the details of earlier posts at any time.
  • Resizing Option :-Facebook Timeline facilitates you with a resizing button. You can get an object in your account to get wider and longer so that it appears more prominently than others sharing the screen space.
  • Apps on Facebook Timeline :-In the starting of the year 2012, Facebook Timeline equipped itself with as many as 80 applications. So you have the option to enable various apps. Whenever you perform actions on these apps, a notification appears in a separate box.

Having known Facebook Timeline and its features so closely, you can enjoy networking with your friends.

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