10 Tips for Enhancing your Facebook Fan Page

10-tips-for-enhancing-your-facebook-fan-pageSocial networking sites have proved to be effective marketing tools as well, and the Facebook is no exception. You can create a Facebook Fan Page and get it designed in a way to draw maximum traffic. A Facebook Fang Page can be used for brand awareness and promotion. However, for a purposeful marketing campaign, you need to enhance your Facebook Fan Page. Following tips will certainly help in doing the same:

Interesting Presentation
Interesting presentation applies to the layout of the page and to the quality of the content. You should have something that attracts and interests the visitors. Your content should reflect your expertise in the business concerned lest visitors will bounce away.


Run A Contest
Getting something for free is always tempting. You can run an interesting contest and lure in the visitors to become customers. This is a tried and tested technique that pays off very well. All you need to do is be imaginative and keep the contest alive. You can post a link to your website on the Facebook Fan Page and that will serve the real purpose.


Resort To YouTube
YouTube is undoubtedly among the most popular video sharing websites. Embedding a YouTube video on your Facebook Fan page is likely to viewed and shared by a number of visitors.


Regular Updates
You must update your Facebook Fan page with regular posts. This is necessary for an uninterrupted interaction between you and the visitors. Communication gap may have an adverse affect. Further, regular updates form an impression that the business is stable, doing well and being actively promoted.


Easy URL
Complex string of text and numbers in the URL may make marketing troublesome.  The problem can be avoided by choosing a simple URL that can be shared with customers.  After a certain number of “Likes” you can log on to www. business and opt for a more user-friendly URL.


Besides, keyword placement is very important for Search Engine Optimization. You can get a higher rating in online search only by the strategic placement of appropriate keywords. This will definitely enhance your Facebook Fan Page.

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