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The 10 Minute Magic of Google Search Console

Search Engine Optimization | Poonam | Updated: 2019-12-19

The 10 Minute Magic of Google Search Console

Do you know the secret scepter of power for the uphill SEO services in India? Most of the people aren't aware of this. That's pretty simple! A strong SEO tool at disposal serves as an apprentice for managing a website's search functionality. You must be thinking of what tool is responsible for it.

It's none other than the Google Search Console alias GSC. Rolled out and rebranded by Google recently, this tool is accountable for optimizing the website visibility and checking the indexing status. Previously, it was known by the name of Google Webmaster Tools and included different tools for assuring the accurate functionality and Google amicability of a website. Besides, it also helps in technicalities and identifying those pages of the website that indulge most of the traffic visiting a website.

Why SEO services in India and other parts of the world, including individual web designers, are making the maximum use of Google Search Console? The simple answer to it is that one doesn't require spending hours to check website indexing. There's a lot more with Mr. GSC for your website. Peruse further and know by how spending 10 minutes you can improve your website in different contexts.

Checking Google Console Messages

Unlike the Gmail emails that turn out to be annoying, GSC messages hold value for an individual. The Google Search Console has its messages section that acts as a match referee who always points out at the negative. All website development companies offering SEO services in India keep an eye and update records regularly after every message received from the search engine. Though starting the day with negative messages is something no website developer prefers, this practice can do wonders for the website.

Always Monitor Index Coverage Status

The index coverage is essential for every website to monitor what pages can and can't be indexed. By monitoring it, you can enlist all pages and resolve the glitches that are preventing them from getting indexed on different search engines. For most SEO service providers worldwide, it is quite simple to check the index status. One gets to witness frequent changes in page indexing only when more content is posted on the website.

Optimization is Essential

You won't embrace the flat-bedding of your website under any circumstances. Flat-bedding of a website refers to degradation due to unused opportunities. Thus, optimizing the site becomes mandatory for sustaining among top search results. By consulting with SEO services in India, a company can easily save its time (and money too). The I.T professionals adjust and then re-adjust the SEO plug-in by reviewing the meta-tags, title tag, and other descriptions. With the increased number of CTRs on your website, one gets the assurance of uplifting the existing rankings and preventing it from flat-bedding.

Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

It is obvious that most of the searches are widely being performed using mobiles. Thus, there's no doubt left for a company to design a mobile-friendly website. However, it is a common issue where some pages aren't displayed in the right manner. Identifying this obnoxious crawler can be done easily with the help of Google Search Console. It offers a mobile usability option for a website and performs an overall check for identifying crawlers. It merely takes a couple of minutes to grab an error.

The Experts Advice

We've compiled some recommendations about the use of Google Search Console from marketing mavens. Since GSC has different features, it offers an array of benefits to a website. Take a look.

  • Ian Evanstar from UNINCORPORATED says that GSC is a tremendous tool for analyzing the data for measuring the success rate. He also stated about measuring the performance of the content theme running on the website, the SEO game, CTRs gaining more than 10% clicks, identifying branded and non-branded KWs etc.
  • Michael Pozdnev, I WANNA BE A BLOGGER, mentions that always add those keywords in your content that target your web pages as per its ranking on Google. Re-optimizing the page will help in bringing out the ideal keyword. This will bring a positive change in the SEO page ranking.
  • Thorstein Nodby, Nettly, states that CTRs hold major value for increasing the rank of the website. In case your web results do not get sufficient clicks, Google will automatically commence to flat-bed the website. And when the website gets a lot of clicks, its relevance will be regarded as authentic and Google ranking will increase.
  • Paul Schmidt from SmartBug Media mentions that categorization using Google Search Console simplifies the work. By collecting sizable queries and categorizing them using GSC, one can group them under one ideal keyword. This hack allows the user to see the desired page of your website as soon as the keyword is entered for the search.

The Bottom Line

So hopefully, you've now gained some brief knowledge about Google Search Console's benefit. The size of your website doesn't matter, the thing that matters is the right stratagem for sustaining its relevance among top results. By applying the aforementioned strategies, you can easily improve your website's ranking.

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