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Why Choose JavaScript?

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2012-01-30

Why Choose JavaScript?

You browse through web pages regularly. These web pages contain a lot of information that is scripted in proper languages. So for all you web enthusiasts, read on to discover more about JavaScript and its features.

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is essentially a web language. It is an object oriented language which is used to create web pages. The functions written in JavaScript are embedded in HTML pages. JavaScript uses the programming syntax that is similar to C. It has names that are identical to Java; however it is completely different from Java. JavaScript has now established itself as one of the popular web programming languages. It is a simple language that is quite versatile. The JavaScript has many advantages that make it well-liked among programmers and web developers alike.

Advantages Of JavaScript

  • The JavaScript is simple to learn and employ. The syntax is quite lucid and there are several prewritten functionalities as a result of which scripting is effortless.
  • The language is easy to develop since it does not require compilation steps. JavaScript has the capacity to be interpreted entirely by the browser.
  • JavaScript is fast since the processing depends entirely on the task.
  • JavaScript is platform independent. This means it does not require a particular hardware and can understood by any browser that is JavaScript enabled.
  • The language is preferred because of the ease in debugging and locating errors.
  • JavaScript offer high interactivity options.
  • It can provide better web designing options and easy navigation. Thus a developer can make the website more appealing and user friendly which will attract more traffic to the website.

These many advantages and features of JavaScript make it quite popular with developers. JavaScript are widely used to make the web pages more interesting to users and clients.

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