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Website Architecture & Its Importance

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2013-06-13

Website Architecture & Its Importance

Website Architecture is an integral part of a successful SEO strategy. Good website architecture is important from both aspects - from the user's perspective as well as that of search engine spiders. It goes without saying that Website Architecture should be such that the user finds it easy to navigate through the site & is able to locate what he is looking for without any hassles. A website where the users fail to find their way through the different web pages, or get lost in between is an example of a poorly designed Website Architecture.

Different Aspects Of Website Architecture

  • One of the most important aspects of a good Website Architecture is that the web design should be such that it allows the flow of link juice to different pages of the website. If the flow of link juice is restricted to only one page or few pages of the website, rather than being equally distributed, it may point to a flaw in the Website Architecture.
  • The website design should be such that the users can get from one page to the other in a few clicks. There should be uniformity in the web design so that the users do not get confused or get lost. Different kinds of visual cues can be used to denote different states.
  • Topical links are a good thing to have on the website but it should be ensured that it is not overdone, or the strategy may actually backfire.
  • A Site map also helps improve the user experience & thus is a crucial aspect of Website Architecture.
  • One of the mantras of successful Website Architecture is that the number of clicks required by a user to navigate from one section to other should be kept to the minimum.
  • Using drop down menus is a good idea as they these do not take up much space yet at the same time helps the users navigate easily through the website.

Apart from these, there are several aspects that together combine to make the website architecture successful.
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