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Web Designing Trends That Would Take Over in 2015

Web Design | Poonam | Updated: 2015-03-26

Web Designing Trends That Would Take Over in 2015

Website designs come and go. Its also not surprising to see the designs that were once in the fad come out of the graveyard and become bandwagon again. The glossy buttons and flash animations, which had become a web sensation, are now only relics. But we dont stay these would never gain back their lost glory. We keep the fingers crossed! For now, this write-up would discuss Web Designing Trends That Would Take Over in 2015.

Fewer Pages

The classic words in the website world less is more would be heard all year round. It has been assimilated that majority of users like things in the simplest forms and when it comes to websites the simpler they are the more traffic they generate. Many businesses would go for websites with one page design in 2015. Even simplified and few-page designs would also become Web Designing Trend.

Responsive Designs

With SEO being the king of marketing, many would choose responsive web designs over dedicated websites. Responsive web designs get opened on all devices, be it a mobile phone or laptop. So, one only need to run a single SEO campaign rather than going for separate campaigns for mobile dedicated websites and desktop dedicated websites. Responsive designs are here to stay in 2015!

Personalized User Experiences

Cookies are not new to the world of web. The webmasters have been using them from past so many years that it seems like time immemorial. Every time the user visits a website, he/she is shown various items he/she has viewed before. Cookies make a visitors experience highly personalized. Cookies would continue to be used for making pop-ups and customize advertising in 2015.

Photographic Elements

Websites having right amount of visual elements always manage to hook the visitors. Using the graphical content along with textual information to take the visitors from start to finish of the website is called web story telling. The Web Designing Trend is expected to reach zenith in 2015. The high resolution images would be used overwhelmingly this year.

There are scads of write-ups already floating on the web telling which Web Designing Trends would be in and which would be out. Hope we provided you the information in the most succinct manner! We also hope you enjoyed reading!

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