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Web Designing Trends For 2014

Web Design | Ankit Gupta | Last Updated: 2015-03-03

Web Designing Trends For 2014

Many web design trends were spotted last year and they are likely to stick around 2014 also. 2014 web design trends are hogging center stage and have come up keeping in view the comfort & expectation level of the viewers. While 2014 is on the door, there are a few trends which have come up to take web designing to an all new level. Some of these trends are listed below:

Better Images
For a long time now, web designers have been working for better images. 2014 offers high quality, unique and more creative imaging. Some reasons behind this are:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Faster loading speed
  • Faster access to high quality images

With the coming of 2014, infographics have emerged as the new way of representing data. They have the potential to display a lot of information using small space. They are eye catching and budget friendly. Infographics combine a number of schemes such as bold colors, shapes and patterns which intrigue the viewers. These factors have increased their demand in the market.

Responsive Design
Mobile responsiveness is in high demand. Though it is not a new trend, it plays an important role in the mobile world. As smartphones and tablets are in increased demand these days, there is a huge marketing potential.

With mobile apps flooding the market, everyone is expecting new changes in typography. Fonts with flair are taking the center stage. Arial and Times New Roman are no longer good fonts as high quality fonts are now available at affordable prices.

Focused Content
In 2014, new strategies are being worked upon which aim to focus on what is important. The focus is on making the content streamlined and simplified. Instead of putting up attention seeking elements, there are short texts, closely chosen images and graphics.

Grid Style
Grid style does not come under the new trends of 2014 but it is going very popular this year. In such a style, web designers condense information in an easy to read style and organized format. With this style, it is easy for the viewer to go through the content easily.

All the above listed web design trends are designed to meet the expectations of the SEO. They have made viewing over the net simpler and more functional. You can choose a Professional Web Designing Company to get your website updated with the latest web design trends.

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