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How Web Designing Sector Benefits from COVID-19

Web Design | Ankit Gupta | Last Updated: 2020-05-05

How Web Designing Sector Benefits from COVID-19

COVID-19 is a deadly pandemic that initiated from China and now is wreaking havoc worldwide. It has wiped off a sizable population from different countries across the longitudes and latitudes. This pandemic is deadly for humans but has jeopardized the website design industry. It has all sorts of effects on it that are negative and positive.

The negative impact of COVID-19 has pushed companies to operate in a different manner. Things have juggled in decision-making, productivity, and changes in volume. Hence, every business is taking the best measures for delivering the optimal quality work to their clients.

However, no website designing company is facing any loss. Most of the deliveries of groceries are being made via applications. Not just these websites, but entertainment websites are modifying their frame for providing a new experience to the user. What's more? Many websites are being updated that can boost their Google ranking on the internet! Here's a quick look at everything that helps the website designing companies to spin profit during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Smart Work > Hard Work

  • Retaining an existing customer is inexpensive and less time-consuming than roping in a new customer. Many web developers are fixing minor bugs and polishing websites because brands want to stay in touch with their customers. Staying in touch with them is the foremost choice of all brands that are working in such harsh times for serving people.
  • Since the lockdown doesn't allow gathering of people in one place, so, customer care executives are being replaced by chat-bots. They are designed for answering common queries that people usually put up. In case the query is not resolved then it is forwarded for a manual resolution to the executive.

Embracing Extrovertism

Now that doesn't mean hugging all onsite visitors and existing subscribers personally. But, getting close to them virtually isn't a bad idea. As per a new trend, many website designing companies are adding a feature of live interaction sessions b/w the customer and brand for transparency. Whatever service is offered by the brand, keeping the website up to date as per the leading trends, would benefit it in every aspect!
And, not to forget, considering everything that pleases the client would be like an elixir for the brand for sustaining in the industry while retaining the clientele. Interacting with clients, by creating discussion rooms, strengthens the bond between the brand and its clients. Website design companies are indulged in framing such rooms for websites that didn't have previously.

Follow The COVID-19 Trends

In the past few weeks, words and terms related to COVID-19 are dominating the search result according to Google. This can be of great help for website designers. You just need to respond smartly. Here's how:

  • Review Search Terms

During such times, people panic and try to figure out the best possible details of the possible resource of the outbreak around them. So, it is essential to follow the latest trends and add negative words to the list of trigger words. As per the algorithm game, negative keywords attract more traffic and uplift the ranking of the website. Professionals advise using a keyword tool for deriving the best lot of the negative keywords.
Besides, the inclusion of YouTube video links can become a jewel in the crown. This will surely generate additional RoI immediately during the COVID-19 outbreak as most people want to acquire every bit of information.

  • Keep Tracking all COVID-19 Search Results

To understand what is trending on Google search results, no other tool than Google Trends can prove to be the optimal apprentice. Google Trend Coronavirus Hub is a recently launched hub that scales the search results frequently based on the highest and lowest searches made on the internet.

Online Business Promotion

Small businesses these days are getting their business websites designed on a huge scale. After all, we cannot let the economy sink entirely. Many website designing companies in India also offer SEO services that can help a website in attracting traffic, whether organic or paid. Google Ads are the best paid medium for reaching a wider audience used by a website designing company. Moreover, utilizing the PPC would become icing on the cake for the website.

Least Affected Industry

Most of the industries worldwide like tourism, aviation, media, hospitality etc., have been badly affected by Coronavirus worldwide. Among the white-collar jobs, where the cost-cutting is still on, the website designing industry the only sector that has been least affected. Website designing companies are spinning revenue on a huge scale because many small businesses & startups that were born in February-March didn't get a chance to enter the market. By designing websites and performing all the required operations, the tables have turned in the favor of startups and small businesses.

Since most of the website designers can work individually or as freelancers, they do not need to get insecure about their jobs. By taking up freelance website designing projects, they can still get the work done without hassle. This will become a great apprentice in spinning more money.

Final Words

Unlike other industries, the website designing domain doesn't get jeopardized by COVID-19. Although the pace would remain slow, due to the global slowdown in the economy, this industry would not require crutches to stand like other industries worldwide. Hence, if you're a website designer working in a designing firm or serving as a freelancer, you can still benefit under the shroud of COVID-19.

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