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Web Designing & Development Trends in 2015

Web Design | Ankit Gupta | Last Updated: 2015-08-17

Web Designing & Development Trends in 2015
We are half past 2015 and have already seen many of the web development predictions, shape up a few successful, the others falling flat. The emergence of sophisticated browsers, new technological innovations, and futuristic trends is pushing the envelope vis- -vis pace of web evolution. Here, we have a list of Top Web Design and Development trends that were predicted to knock the doors in the year 2015. While many of the previous years practices are still around, it would be interesting to see how new trends have fared so far.

Parallax Scrolling
The concept of Parallax Scrolling is back with a bang and this time it is here to stay. Popularized by the old school video games, parallax scrolling is not a new concept. It includes two or more images. While scrolling down, the image in the foreground moves faster or slower than the background image, this give an illusion of depth in the design and keeps users engaged.

Storytelling & Interaction
A website strikes the chord with the visitors when it tells a story. The principle seems to be guiding a lot of web designs in the year 2015. The websites are becoming more interactive and animated to help present content in a more appealing manner.

Minimal Designs with Big Texts
The plain and uncomplicated text supporting the solid backgrounds or high-quality images with large text size is the new trend that web developers are keenly incorporating in their designs this year. The design doesnt involve too many tabs or even excess of content. Web sites are wooing their visitors with this minimal text approach that never fails to impress.

Grid-Based Layouts
Grid-based layouts work the best with sites that contain a large chunk of content to be displayed. The layouts display content in small modules. When responsive designs are gaining popularity day by day, grid-based layouts will help in creating a responsive web design naturally. Though the grid played a role in the web design before this, they never were clearly observed as the final product.

Design & Development for Wearable Devices
With devices like Google and Apple Watches, making their way to the market, it has now become a task for the developers to create a dynamic design for the wearable devices to optimize their use. Emphasis will be laid on creating new designs & templates that meet the distinct browser requirements and screen size of the devices.

Google Map Integration
With the emergence of Google Map API, the layout options for the developers are more. Google Maps have been around for quite some time now, to be noticed by everyone but the constant evolution in the visual styles now offer web developers optimum space to incorporate dynamic visuals and personalized ideas to style a map that complements the theme of the website.

Some of these trends have already stamped their authority in the web designing and development world while the others still going through trials and experimentation. Along with focus on the above-listed trends, the Professional Web Development companies are paying close attention to the size and the style of their files to ensure faster speed and flawless performance, which will further open new doors to the path of web innovations.

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