Web Design Techniques for the Beginner Web Designer

Designing a website requires a unique combination of skills, some of them learnt and some in born. Firstly, the content should be creative, original, innovative and relevant to the industry. These are the most important factors which play a significant role in the success of a website. Firstly, the beginners should try making a ‘Glossary’ of the terms with definitions that are related to your industry. As for the written text, if you are not good at content writing then hire a content writer. With great general knowledge and possessing the power of catching factual errors, a good content writer can help improve your website’s success. Other basic rules that are immensely helpful include the following:


  1. Start with a simple, basic design
  2. Avoid blinking and flashing text as it destroys the look of a professional website
  3. Use titles and headers
  4. Do not clutter your website with background music. Many people will be looking for important information on the website and are not browsing it for listening to music.
  5. Your website must contain illustrations, pictures and catchy colors as these things will draw the attention of the viewer.
  6. You will lose viewers by using popup windows. Never use popup windows.
  7. Use italicized and bold text in your main content body as it grabs the attention
  8. Always provide a site map in your website. This will help the visitor to navigate a website easily.
  9. Include FAQs in your website with answers.

So for a new beginner, all the above mentioned tips will help a lot in designing a successful website that attracts many viewers. Creativity is important but observing such ground rules makes it easier with better results.

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