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Web Design is different from Website Development

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2009-10-31

Web Design is different from Website Development

For a neophyte the terms Website Development or Website Designing may sound same but the fact is that they both greatly vary in Scope, Functioning as well as Importance. When looked into the details, one can easily observe that there are sea-like changes amongst the two. Austerely speaking, we can say that the essence of web design lays emphasis on look and feel of a page whereas web development emphasizes on the functionality of a webpage or website. Before proceeding further, we would like to ask you something. Have you ever pondered as to what all yo've seen on a website? Definitely, the answer of most of us will be "No" because we go to a website just to gain information we're looking for. Who has the time to look into a web page's details! However, you should know what all is there on a page if you are eager to know about either website Development or Designing. Now first we are shedding light on the key ingredients (to have a clearer understanding between web designing and web development), which a website has on its different pages: -

  • Appearance : - The appearance of a web page is made viable through different color patterns, images, graphics, navigation factors and so on.
  • Functionality: - In a website, functionality is rated with the results a user achieves after Click(s)/Enter(s)
  • Content: - The informative values which a user gets majorly in the form of text or sometimes in images.
  • Usability: - It can be termed as features available for a user on the website. They might be interactive tools, videos, navigation etc.

Based on aforementioned parameters, the distinction between Web Design and Web Development can be easily made. In the parlance of internet technology, web design mainly entails appearance building including content creation. However, with web development all the tools are made functional which are further examined for usability. A web designers should be cognizant with various graphic design tools (knowledge of HTML is desirable) whereas a web developer should have proficiency in making a program functional using different HTML codes and other languages.

A number of designers usually perform the testing of usability so as to avoid hassles in page loading time. On the other hand, web developers do usability test to ensure that whether the program made by them is functional or not.

Albeit there are many distinctions between the two terms, with perfect liaison between web designers and web developers the ultimate purpose of any website can be achieved in the best way. Last but not the least, the results of website development could be enriched if website development tips as well as website designing tips are followed with bit of prudency.

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  • Wina
    09 February, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Great blog post. Really looking forward to read more. Great.


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