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Web 2.0 for Web Ecommerce

Ecommerce | Admin | Updated: 2010-04-03

Web 2.0 for Web Ecommerce

Social Networking Sites, Hosting Services, Blogs, Video Sharing, etc. are a vital part of the web field. But do you know what have made these services possible? because of the Web 2.0 technology that was introduced in 2004.

What do you understand by Web 2.0 ?

Web 2.0 is an advanced technology that has made sharing of Information, Collaboration, Interoperability and user-centered design easier and faster on the Internet. Interaction among the users is more on Web 2.0 sites.

Benefits of Web 2.0 : Using these technology owners of a site Can own data and change it as per the requirements Have interactive facilities on the site

How Web 2.0 has changed Web Ecommerce?

  • Retail Blogging :- Blogs are one of the most interactive ways to connect to your customers. Your ideas, thoughts, jokes, images, etc. can all be shared through a blog. For the retail sector blogs turned out to be productive in generating leads and hence business.
  • Video Sharing :- Selling of Products and services with the help of video sharing has become popular as it has proved to be effective. Uploading and sharing of video on sites like U-tube, Facebook, etc. has become simpler. Also, adding video to your sites help increase your search engine rankings.
  • Co-Browsing :- While you are browsing on a shopping site you can invite your friends say from a social networking site, to join you. This web 2.0 facility of co-browsing let people browse on a site together.
  • Lists made by users and Photos submitted :- This is a recent addition to the web 2.0 list. People shopping on ecommerce stores create their lists and then customers add their products to the list. This facilitates the new buyer to navigate through the list and find for themselves new products. Similar is the case with photos. The customers add their photos with the products on say for example eyewear, T-shirts, etc. This new customers can have a look at those and select their items.
  • Customer Reviews :- It is a known fact that customer reviews play an imperative role in the success of a business especially ecommerce. Knowing the needs as well as complaints of the customers an ecommerce business can bring in changes. Having customer reviews on your ecommerce site enhances the trust of the customers. Also, rating of the products help customers in choosing the right product. The display of customer reviews on the ecommerce sites is possible only because web 2.0 facility.
  • Question and Answer :- A customer can directly ask questions about the products from the manufacturer rather than submitting the question to the service center. This has been made possible by a web 2.0 ask and answer tool.
  • Twitter power :- You can also ask questions on twitter. Web 2.0 has come out with its hype machine that works on the twitter and provides spontaneous answers to the customer's queries.

Besides, the above mentioned facilities there are various other facilities provided by the Web 2.0 like Shopping Widgets, Facebook Pages, etc. Thus our write up provides you the benefits that Web 2.0 has provided the ecommerce.

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