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Ways to Increase your sales using ecommerce 2.0

Ecommerce | Admin | Updated: 2010-04-06

Ways to Increase your sales using ecommerce 2.0

There were days when after creating an ecommerce site the owner just relaxed and entertained visitors. But now with the increased participation of the retailers in the ecommerce, the ecommerce sites or shopping cart owners have to struggle to prove their mettle in the field. The competition in the ecommerce has given way to excessive use of marketing tools.

What according to you is the main motto of any ecommerce site or online store owner's?

They aim to attract as many visitors as they could to their store and turn them into customers. But it has been observed that most of the online customers leave the shopping cart before buying. This problem has been persistent and has become a cause of worry for the online store owners.

How to get rid of this problem?

Web developers have introduced some latest techniques under Web 2.0 technology that reduces the desertion rate of the customers on the Ecommerce site. The web applications created using web 2.0 technology are faster, interactive and more user friendly. The web 2.0 has proved beneficial for ecommerce and is thus also referred to as ecommerce 2.0.

We provide you few most common reasons why customers abandon an online store before buying and have also presented ways to rectify those :

  • Hidden and high shipping rates :- People who come to shop on online stores must be provided with complete charges. No one likes to pay extra. Revealing the shipping rates at the end irritates the customer and he is forced to leave.
  • What you can do: By large offer free shipping for huge orders. Also, display the shipping charges right beside the cart so that the customer is aware of the total money he/she has to shed.
  • Automatic saving of the product :- The item added to the cart should be saved automatically. So, even if the customer leaves the site, on re-login that product will be displayed on the cart. In this case, the chances of buying that product increase. Again web 2.0 has software that enables automatic saving of the page.
  • Don't just compare :- You must keep track of the competitors cart and simultaneously improve upon the functionality of your online store. Web 2.0 offers various such facilities.
  • Long and complicated checkout process :- This is one of the major reasons of customers leaving a shopping cart. You must ensure that the checking out should be an uncomplicated process. A simple form with not more than 2-3 categories should be asked to fill by the customer.
  • Late Information regarding out of stock products :- Most of the carts inform the customers at the time of checkout that the product they wish to buy is unavailable. This infuriates the buyers and they leave the store in haste. So, it is mandatory to provide information regarding the out of stock products beforehand.
  • Poor navigation on the site :- If the navigation of the site is poor then it is difficult for the visitor to stay for long there. Using Web 2.0 technologies the navigation of the site becomes efficient and simpler. Also, the downloading time of the product images reduces.
  • Insufficient contact information :- Your contact details should be clearly visible on your cart. A product adding system based on wizard Web 2.0 functionality) should be added to the cart. Thus ecommerce 2.0 is a boon for the ecommerce store owners. Its highly advanced functionalities remove most of the flaws of the ecommerce sites or stores and make them efficient.

6 thoughts on "Ways to Increase your sales using ecommerce 2.0"

  • harriet
    20 January, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Thank you very much, good tips shared on increasing sales with a ecommerce website.


  • Sheree Swedberg
    20 August, 2010 at 5:23 am

    I found this good information and I would like to show it on my website.


  • Juliana Mcsparin
    20 August, 2010 at 5:25 am

    Good topics, It open my eye.. Thanks


  • Vertie Lanius
    20 August, 2010 at 5:45 am

    Thanks friend. Good article. Thank you.


  • Matthew C. Kriner
    30 April, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    Thanks for post. It's really good article.


  • FlashJuggler
    26 April, 2010 at 7:53 am

    Great tips. I'll have to rethink my whole shopping cart. Thank you.


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