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Ways in Which You Can Improve Customer Loyalty with the Right e-Commerce Web Design

Ecommerce | Poonam | Updated: 2019-08-23

Ways in Which You Can Improve Customer Loyalty with the Right e-Commerce Web Design

Undoubtedly, this 21st century saw a big revolution in the way people do shopping. The traditional shopping pattern of people shifted from going to offline markets to going online entirely, thanks to the exciting offers and discounts that they provide. Along with that, with secure payment methods and the introduction of new schemes made people fall more and more for eCommerce.

However, it is true that not all eCommerce websites are popular or getting the same love from customers because of trust issues. Just like that, this loyalty from the customer's side towards some of the global brands is making them famous as eCommerce websites. You can give that credit on their reliable eCommerce solutions. If you want to increase your customer loyalty, then this article is going to help you.

E-Commerce Web Design for the Smartphone Ecosystem

  • In most of the times, this turns out to be the most important factor for the growth of an eCommerce website. In this tech-savvy world, most of the people have an electronic device with them, which we called a Smartphone. Undoubtedly, they are the most accessible and convenient gadgets to do any work.
  • That is why you should rather choose this huge Smartphone ecosystem in mind while you design your website. The best thing that you can do is increase your software's optimization as much as you can. No one loves an app that takes a lot of time to open and lags even when you open it.

Make the UI easy-to-use

  • Even after you make your application optimized for Smartphone, you still need to take care of making an easy-to-use User Interface (UI). Just in case if you are unaware of what a UI is, well, it is the design of options through which a person can connect with the application.
  • It is good for your website not to make up some tough UI, which only a Computer Science student can understand. Remember that the growth of your e-commerce website is directly dependent on its usefulness to different age groups. Therefore, design it in such a way, so that even old people can also operate it.

Take it as your business Instagram account

  • You must have heard about how Instagram plays a great role in flourishing your online business. Do you remember how did your Instagram business account propagate your business? Well, it happened because you posted high-quality pictures and videos to promote your products. This is absolutely what you should do to your eCommerce web design. Surveys throughout different times point out to a striking feature of customers.
  • Whether customers will rely on a product depends firstly on the image quality of the product images. Reports say, if the picture fails to catch the attention of the buyers, they will even not bother to read the product description.

Keep the security factors in mind

  • If you ask people regarding why they chose one eCommerce website over the other, the most common answer that you will get is reliability. Reliability does not deal solely with the authenticity of the company or the products, but more on the payment methods.
  • Considering how epidemic hacking and malware attacks are becoming, today, none of the online websites are fully safe from such threats. Still, the chances of breaching vary from website to website, and that is exactly, where you do need to focus. Only, when you do such eCommerce solutions, customers will rush to your store.

Convenient shipping methods are a must

  • Do not let down a buyer when he or she shows interest in your eCommerce products. We are not talking about letting down directly but indirectly; the customer will when the person will not find convenient shipping options. What we are telling you to do is to have a lot of options for shipping, including advanced payment methods.
  • Big e-commerce websites ship their products quite fast, which is one of the reasons why customers love them. Introduce advanced shipping methods and payment policies like EMI system or Net Banking along with the default Debit and Credit Card options.

Create Room For Users To Review Products

  • Unlike an offline market where you can bring your family or friends to guide you while making a purchase, the case is different for online purchases. In the case of online eCommerce websites, there is no scope for bringing your family, but you can create dedicated space for users to give reviews on the products when they purchase it.
  • These user-generated reviews will pave the way for the other users to get a general idea about the product. While doing eCommerce web design, you can understand how these can help your website to gain more and more customers.

Following these ideas for proper eCommerce solutions will be very helpful to you. Ecommerce websites are the most browsed websites in this generation. Believe in the hype and grow your business.

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