Use CSS To Make Your Webpage Printer Friendly


Cascading Style Sheet is one of the most convenient web designing tools that makes the web page user friendly, printer friendly and easily loadable. With CSS, one can easily design and format the HTML files, which are suitable to be uploaded on the internet. CSS also helps in loading the websites quickly. CSS comprises of a grid sheet where images, content, and other things are inserted for positioning them appropriately on the webpage. CSS is a tool that makes web designing a lot easier.


What Are The Options To Make The Webpage Printer Friendly?
The biggest boon of using CSS is that it makes the webpage printer friendly. There are three major ways of printing a webpage. The first one is to make a copy of each item on the webpage in accordance with the printing format. This method is extremely time consuming, tedious and requires a lot of manpower. So lets move on to the second option, which is used to develop a webpage based on CGI, PHP, JavaScript, etc. Though it will conveniently make the content of your website printer friendly yet it is not as viable an option because it is expensive. Thus, designing a Webpage using a Cascading Style Sheet, which is the third option, is the most appropriate. It is easy to use, pocket friendly and makes printing any webpage very easy.


Why CSS?

  • Using a few simple codes of CSS will help you make your page printer friendly
  • It will conveniently remove the non printer friendly stuff
  • Designing a Webpage using CSS is appropriate because it takes into account the typography, legibility, and readability of the text
  • There is no need to make copies of the webpage
  • You won’t have to do any programming

Thus, using CSS for making the Webpage Printer Friendly is the smartest thing to do. Not to forget that it will make the page loaded in lesser time.

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