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Uplift Your Web Design With the Best WordPress Plugins

Web Design | Poonam | Updated: 2021-01-23

Uplift Your Web Design With the Best WordPress Plugins

Though WordPress CMS is the best platform to create blogs and websites using the pre-built themes, to increase the functionality of your website you can always add marvelous plugins. Over the years, plenty of designers have created the brand profiles of their works online to attract customers and clients. To maintain portfolios and to capture the client leads, the designers can make use of the best WordPress Plugins.

Benefits Of Using WordPress Plugins

What is plugin in WordPress? Plugins are installed to enhance the functionality of the WordPress CMS as mentioned earlier. Along with increasing the functionality of the WordPress CMS, there are plenty of other benefits of plugins which is useful for the CMS. Some are as follows:

  • WordPress has an easy to use interface. You can add images, pages and also post blogs without any trouble.
  • It is effortless to manage your website and the users can log in from any computer of their choice.
  • You do not have to learn any coding knowledge. WordPress is fully occupied with the predefined templates.
  • This is SEO friendly, which means that the coding can be straightforward, immaculate and comfortable for ranking high in the search engines.
  • The website designers will not face any trouble while maintaining the website using WordPress. One can control all the features that are available in WordPress.
  • Your website will be 100% customizable. Therefore the site is easy to build as per the choice of the web developer.
  • The WordPress plugin users have the facility to extend the functionality like the video gallery, event calendar, Facebook fan boxes, Twitter feed, email subscription forms and much more.
  • As an administrator, the user is allowed to add multiple users to the panel of admin.

In this article, you will learn about some plugins which are useful for the designers. Using these plugins you can create a great website with amazing designs. You can also optimize it to ensure that the users have a great experience on your website. There are plenty of plugins for various functions like SEO, designs, cache, email opt-in and different functions. The designers use this to create the best WordPress website design.

HubSpot WordPress Plugins

  • The WordPress Plugin called HubSpot lets you organize, capture and also engage the web visitors with live chats, forms, email marketing, CRM and analytics. Thats a lot from one single plugin and the best part is that it is completely free. WordPress website design can be done using this plugin.
  • This plugin is mainly useful and beneficial for the designers. One can use this to create popups, forms and live chat with the use of a drag and drop builder. Stylings, adjust colours and more to match your brand and provide the visitors with a seamless experience.
  • The built-in analytics will make it very easy to understand which marketing and sales actions are driving the most success and which one should be fixed by you. This is very important to decide which page has to be refreshed and also the impact of the design that changes with the growth of the business.

WordPress Yoast SEO

  • This plugin is counted one among the best plugins that are available today. Yoast SEO is used for writing content and also to adhere all with on-page SEO factors. To improve SEO, Joost De Valk wrote this plugin. The Yoast SEO pushes the users to concentrate on the keywords. Keywords are the biggest aspect that one should take into account while writing an article.
  • More than three million installs of Yoast SEO has taken place. This plugin takes care of even the little things which usually people forget. While choosing a plugin for WordPress, this plugin always stands out.
  • Using this plugin one can control the pages which will be shown in the Google search. The features that are included are the compatibility with import and export, WordPress multi-sites, RSS optimization and social media integration.

W3 Total Cache

  • Among the free plugins for WordPress, the W3 Total Cache will help you to optimize the performance with the help of caching technology. This plugin is trusted by most of the companies like mashable.com, smashingmagazine.com, AT&T, and more. The number of active installs has reached nearly one million.
  • The search engine results of the page ranking will improve with the use of W3 Total Cache. This is a great mobile-friendly tool which is used by many people. This reduces the loading time of the page and the visitors stay for long on the site.
  • This plugin is compatible with the virtual private or with the clusters and dedicates servers. The W3 Total cache is transparent content delivery network management. This supports SSL and AMP, mobile-friendly and also incorporates the features of security.


The WordPress Website creation is incomplete without plugins. Monarch is one of the best social media plugins which is used for WordPress. This helps you to increase the traffic for social networking websites. As you design a new website, the social sharing option is one of the most important and must-have features.

In Monarch, you will get varieties of different placement options so that you can increase the conversion and also the number of social sharing. One can get the following options as far as the placement is concerned.

  • Above and or below content
  • The floating sidebar
  • Automatic pop-up
  • On videos and images
  • Automatic flying

When we are talking about the designs of the share buttons on social media, you will be getting plenty of designs to choose from. You will be having full control over the plugin and a powerful panel.

Optin Monster

  • For its incredible performance, more than three thousand websites use this plugin. This is the best lead generation and pop-up plugin. Using the drag and drop page builder, the Optin Monster will help the users to build the landing pages with various users intent like signing up for email newsletter, free courses, subscriptions and much more.
  • You will get multiple form types, built-in analytics, A/B split testing, page-level targeting and more. This plugin integrated with almost all the email marketing services like Emma and Mail Chimp.
  • Many designers provide you with website designing packages in which Optin Monster plugin is used.

Elementor Page Builder

  • We all are aware that the page builder will make your life a lot easier for all the web designers. Even if you are a new user to WordPress, when you use the page builder you can create completely customised and unique designs for your website without writing a single line of code.
  • This plugin helps you to create stunning pages for your website and with the use of drag and drop interface. It doesnt use any coding. This plugin is free and the pro-version of this plugin has great designs and module options. You can define the sections by width and height, resize the columns and also you can position your content according to the needs and requirements.
  • You can also define the gap that is between each section which makes your content neat. Plenty of website design agency India uses this plugin to enhance the website of its customers.
  • The WordPress plugin list has plugins which are extremely useful for the designer who wants to build their websites with elegance and creativity.

How to create a plugin in WordPress? You can install it and use it for your website without any trouble.

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