Trends In The Flow Of New Web Designs!


Predicting the innovation of web design is like milking a cow since web is such a vast platform to innovate and break all traditional designing barriers. It not just allows the designer to apply variations but also gives a scope to modify the existing trends in order to make a personalized mark of innovation.

Now that we are sailing in mid of 2011, it’s the time to scan the web designing trends that are newly emerging.


Textured Backgrounds
The textured backgrounds give a delightful visual experience to the audience and increase it exponentially by making the background aesthetically pleasing.


Big Lead Images
With the advancements in display and loading modes, you can expect big lead images to become even more popular. This feature makes the high-impact images effective in creating an everlasting impression on the reader.


Typography has emerged as a popular basic element for design. There is a growing demand for fonts that are larger and look more exciting. With the innovations being done by designers in terms of line height and other aspects, these fonts are gradually replacing old system fonts.


Negative Space
White space of WebPages allows the eyes of the viewers to rest. The blend of negative space and minimalism makes the design appear more appealing by keeping it at the forefront and also attracts the viewers.


The newest version of Cascading Style Sheets comprises of features like border radius, box shadow, multiple background images, etc making various Animations easy, subtle and lightweight.


The integration of web media is set to increase by a great degree in the near future. This practice has allowed businesses to gain greater exposure and attract more users than ever before. Online businesses, big and small, will focus squarely on customizing web designs through bringing more features as mentioned here, catering to the ever changing requirements of mass audience.

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