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The Top Space-Themed Website Designs

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2016-06-03

The Top Space-Themed Website Designs

Right from the flow to the readability, space-themed websites in actual sense dictate everything possible. Space-themed websites are always super cool! It is simply like an adventurous voyage where the users enjoy the liveliness of stunning planets, vibrant galaxies, asteroids, stars, black holes, satellites, and whatnot. Most of all, the websites that are designed on the theme of space has certain sort of energy and liveliness that awaken the unsatisfied thirst of the users.
Let's sincerely glance at the top space-themed website designs, which are simple striking:

Easy Rocket Studio

An outstanding looking landing page that is based on the outer-space theme and helps in promoting 'Big Deal Engine', which is a dedicated scheme to create sports portals. In addition to this, this is a brand-new exceptional web platform that helps in generating revenue as well. You can execute this theme very well along with the illustrations and infographics. As you scroll, the green meteors bounce off the edge of the browser. This theme is perfectly in tuned with the tagline and the disposition of the project creating an influential high-tech impression.

Moon Camp App

How interesting it would be if a website is designed in a down-to-earth style. Moon Camp App appropriately flaunts its daring slogan that says, Unearthly basecamp client.This is subtle, realistic and beautiful cosmic theme, which can be an amazing choice for any website. Right from the grand pictures manipulated scenes, toning elegant typesetting, superb renderings, symmetrical touch to vibrant color, everything simply adds and wake up the aesthetics significantly.


Vizua is The creative world of new possibilities in its literal sense. There is no denying that Vizua comes with the comprehensive array of possibilities of creative studio showing off its humorous hand-drawn alien, which walks through his workshop hand-in-hand. Thanks to the celestial talisman or the mascot of this space theme for the gracefully performed cosmic theme is fitting properly. In addition to this, there is this amalgamation of polygonal and flat illustrations, which enhance the creative brink to the project.

Tomas Bata

Having an exciting, captivating and unfathomable look, Tomas Bata is simply amazing. Where on one hand, the eccentric geometric typography is adding an exquisite finishing touch; on the other hand, the cosmic-style centerpiece lodges the overriding place. And that's not all! The best part of Tomas Bata is the homepage that heartens the users to explore more and deeper into the project through numerous twangs.

First Light Fusion

And, First Light Fusion is one of the best space themed based website as the blue planet here on the face of it, cliques the tone of the project in a flash. This is how the front page of the website comprises of a lenient, tranquil and placid heaven. One of the best parts that keep engaging the user is the appearance of the next page beautifully the time you scroll. Actually, the page doesn't move forward instead the current view changes creatively. Most of all, the chief coloring along with the cluster of whitespace flawlessly interlocks with the remarkable image.


Having some outstanding effects, Alquimia although small but is an unpatrolled online portfolio. In addition to the amazing effects, Alquimia also has sophisticated typography and gracefully implemented space theme brought out on the landing page. Direct the attention particularly on the copy, Alquimia is based on the spotless light white colored milieus along with so much of whitespace.

With all these listed space-themed websites, you can let the users fly to the moon and play amidst the stars. With such theme, not only the website is made interesting but it stands tall amongst all the others. There are a number of Web Design Companies out there that will help you out in the best possible manner

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