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Top Reasons Determining Need Of Mobile Websites

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2014-12-08

Top Reasons Determining Need Of Mobile Websites

In this age of speed and technology, everyone is looking for convenient and speedy options to get immediate solutions for their queries. Most people today have smart phones and it has been observed that they like to surf internet on their smart phones only rather than a PC or laptop. The logic is simple, smart phones are a constant companion and instant answers can be found on them in the time of emergency. People mostly search for nearby restaurant options, company phone numbers, addresses, directions, etc. Hence, in this age of smart phones, every business needs to have a Mobile Website.

The Top Reasons for Having a Mobile Website are :-

  • Popularity of smart phones- According to a research, there are more than 100 million smart phone users in the world. Around 95% of these users have searched for any query on their smart phones. If a business does not have mobile website then it is missing out on such vast number of potential consumers.
  • Action oriented visitors- It is estimated in research that majority of mobile users are action oriented. This means that they tend to take immediate action while surfing the internet on their smart phones.
  • Need of fast service- Most visitors want instant services on the part of websites. Mobile websites provide precise and fast information to users.
  • Risk of losing it to competitors- If a business is not having a mobile website, then it is highly possible that potential customers would turn to competitor websites which is not good for any business.
  • More profits- It is determined through research that smart phone users are qualified and they are willing to do transactions with the business at the same time. This means more inflow of money for the business which leads to higher profits.

Tips for having a good Mobile Website :-

  • The website should load in less than 5 seconds.
  • The navigation should be fast and simple.
  • Site should be compatible with touch screen phones
  • The website should be platform portable and should work on all platforms like android, windows, etc.

Text of the website should be big and easily readable.Mobile Website is a need of every business so hire a Mobile Web Design Company because . majority of users in the world today own smart phones and they like surf the internet on their smart phones only. Having a mobile website can draw a lot of traffic which can lead to more profits for the business.

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