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Top Five ECommerce Trends In 2014

Ecommerce | Admin | Updated: 2014-07-17

Top Five ECommerce Trends In 2014

Looking at the current eCommerce scenario, experts believe that 2014 and the coming years are going to be very challenging for industrialists. Certain trends that took place in the past few years will become more significant while quite a number of new trends are all set to take place. Here are the 2014s Top Five eCommerce Trends that the industrialists would be required to follow or else they will lag behind in the competitive market.

Quality Content

In 2014, you just can't do without improving the user experience. And this can be achieved by breaking the monotony of the dull images and repetitive product descriptions and replacing them with unique content and engaging videos and images. If your website continues to have the tedious elements, your prospective buyers may approach your competitor.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Studies and analysis have shown that the number of people shopping through their phones was significantly high in the year 2013. In 2014 too, the number is estimated to grow even more. This clearly explains that your website must be mobile-friendly giving users the best shopping experience.


Even if your website has the most engaging content and is mobile-friendly as well, it might not fetch you customers if you don't provide personalization solutions. Well, personalization is the key to provide customers with the unique shopping experience. Today, more and more users are ready to pay anything to get a product based on their choice.


Shipping goods for free, faster and worldwide is another ecommerce trend that had taken place a few years back and continues to prevail. If you fail to deliver goods on time, charge for the shipping and can't even make worldwide delivery, there is no guarantee customer would like to place orders with you.

Multichannel Selling

There has been witnessed a boom in the Social Media Optimization in India and Multichannel Selling thrives on the same. Multichannel Selling is comparatively new trend and yet has become the most important element for the all-inclusive promotion of small business enterprises. You can make the best use of Multichannel Selling by offering your goods at shopping platforms such as eBay, Amazon and the like.
By following these trends, you can surely enlist yourself amid the competitive businesses out there. Just make sure that the trends are followed smartly with complete focus on maximum customer satisfaction.
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