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Top APIs To Look Out For Your Next Project!

Web Design | Ankit Gupta | Last Updated: 2019-10-29

Top APIs To Look Out For Your Next Project!
With the consistently evolving I.T sector, the list of new APIs used by developers is increasing at pace. Every day, new APIs are released in the market by web design firms nationwide. Several companies are working over developing streamlined APIs that can drastically affect a companys profit. This is beneficiary for the company and the web design firm alike. By using an API, any company can save its time, resources, and augment the services offered.
According to the reports compiled by APIHound, theres a repository of over 35,000 APIs with Google. All of them can be used for developing and optimizing websites at will. Interestingly, this graph is winging its way up. If this statista stands true even by 1% then web design firms worldwide have over 500 options.
But if we roll back a decade, the API era was in the making and developers kept headhunting and brainstorming ideas for incorporating all changes the client needed. In the current scenario, all things have been changed. Kudos to the consistent advancement in the field of APIs, a connection can be established between the website and its application. And here, Google is playing a key role in simplifying it as if it is a piece of cake for it. Take a look at some popular and top APIs for web developers to play in forthcoming times.
1. MailChimp
Do you know the greatest secret of marketing companies having high success rates? They allow marketers to use the right web tools. MailChimp is among those that are widely chosen by marketing firms. This API allows managing to send bulk emails, search documents in the list, view notifications related to subscribing/unsubscribing, adding new subscribers, clearing webhook queues, and more.
2. Twitter
Twitter is a worldwide used social media platform. Just like other every other social media platform, Twitter too has its own API which is comparatively light that other APIs. Many web design firms in India and abroad use the Twitter API for a company/brand/celebrity handle for sharing the application with their followers. It is done by enabling them to access the link provided. Isnt it amazing for reaching an anonymous audience instantly?
3. Houndify
Voice searches have been doing rounds in the last quarter of 2019 and it is expected that many apps will be optimized for finding results via voice search. Houndify is an API that is designed for offering the best voice-enabled results and conversational interfaces whilst connected with the internet. In simpler words, it can read out things to you when integrated with custom apps. For example, it can tell the weather just like the Google Assistant or Siri.
4. DropBox
Theres a reason why DropBox has made it to the list. Every company with a staff of more than a handful of employees and vast clientele requires storing a complete database. Gone are the days when data was stored in drives or USBs. Today, people keep shifting from devices since the technology is consistently advancing. Instead of downloading storage applications that might get invaded with bugs, turning to DropBox is a wise option. Utilizing DropBox API makes it easier for visitors to upload the document directly on the website without conversion.
5. Parasoft
Automating complex scenarios without complex coding- sounds unconventional, right? It may sound unconventional but with Parasoft, it is a reality. Parasoft is an API that automates complex scenarios by designing website tests conveniently without coding. Thus, automate the complex databases and mainframes by using Parasoft.
6. RequestBin
Maintaining a track record of requests received by subscribers and potential subscribers is usually a hassle. RequestBin is an API that keeps the hassle at bay effortlessly. Encoded efficiently, it does not require any setup. Once created, it runs on the URL created by the user. Moreover, it also detects whether the requests are managed as per the pre-set operations or not. Currently, several users worldwide are using RequestBin.
7. Postman
Extraction of the Web API data, writing Boolean tests, and transmitting/receiving REST information conveniently can be done by installing and utilizing Postman API. It is widely used for web testing in the I.T sector of various countries due to its flawless functionality. You can operate it easily without writing complex codes as it offers a sleek interface to get the work done.
8. Slack
Slack is a communication API. It offers better functionality owing to wider integration with associated applications and websites. Slack is a trusted API that offers API for users applications. By integrating Slack into your application/website, you can easily send messages through chatbots, listen to music, access channels/podcasts etc.
Wrapping Up
Regardless of your thoughts, there are APIs in multitude for web designers and developers. Whatever website a company/individual owns for whichever operation, theres an API for the same present on Google. Besides, all existing APIs are being optimized every day and new ones being launched on a daily basis. Due to the presence of various APIs, people can use the one they find easy to install, operate, and manage.

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