Top 10 Tips For Designing a Great Mobile Website

top-10-tips-for-designing-a-great-mobile-websiteMobile website design is a far cry from designing a desktop website. This is owing to the fact that Mobile web design faces many challenges, a significant one being that there is no uniform browser for mobile devices. Also, the different screen sizes are taken into account while designing a mobile website. But, it is possible to design a great mobile website by following these simple steps which are the following.


  1. While understanding the limitations of mobile phones, their capabilities such as phone, camera and SMS facility need to be recognized while designing the mobile site.
  2. Understanding the impatience of mobile users who want fast access to bite-sized content.
  3. Keeping it short and simple.
  4. Focusing on speed. As functionality is more important than style; large images, flash animation and video should be avoided which can slow the site down.
  5. Making it useful i.e. what a user on the move needs.
  6. Making the site compatible with all phones.
  7. Choosing a domain name that would make easier the search for the site.
  8. Site marketing to ensure customers finds the site. Investing time on SEO, paid search listings, operator portal and directory submissions is a good idea for marketing the site.
  9. Analysis should be done using a tool like Google Analytics to keep on improving the mobile website.
  10. Overspending should not be done. A simple start would bring the return on investments faster.


Summing up, designing a great mobile website takes only that much time as it takes one to breathe provided the above mentioned tips are followed in a meticulous manner with attention to the finest details. Thus, the creation of a great mobile website depends on the execution of a few simple steps. It is over and done with by the completion of these steps.

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