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Top 10 Mobile Apps That Succeeded With A Unique Idea In 2017

App Development | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2017-08-20

Top 10 Mobile Apps That Succeeded With A Unique Idea In 2017

According to reports by Statista , the mobile app industry has generated a whopping $50.9 billion in 2016 and is projected to exceed $189 billion by the end of 2020. To clutch lucrative outputs from this flourishing industry, companies are tweaking their mobile marketing plans and considering mobile apps as an integral part of their strategy. New apps are being launched by various companies every year but while some of them grasp the fancy of the users, others lose their identity among millions of other apps on the app store. To survive in the cut-throat competition out there, the app idea needs to be unique and intriguing.

A number of mobile apps are coming out and rising to fame in 2017. These apps can be studied meticulously to get enlightened with potential mobile app ideas. Let's have a look at the cr'me de la cr'me of mobile app world. These apps are effective and successful and would definitely inspire you with new ideas to create one for your company.


Runtastic, a popular fitness app that keeps a track of a person's fitness through GPS tracking, launched its new fitness cooking app called Runtasty. Runtasty app is packed full of quick, simple, dietitian-approved recipes that require very minimal ingredients. You can view easy to cook recipes, video tutorials and how-to videos on this app along with 23 different filters to choose the best and most simple recipes.


A cloud-based task project management app, Wunderlist lets you keep a track of all your to-dos. It lets you manage and keeps reminding of everything, from the simple daily chores like putting the trash out to the complex professional ones. You can have folders, add comments, reminders, due dates, notifications, notes, and even share your to-do notes with your friends, family or colleagues.


Wave is a must-have app for all the small business. It enables them to manage their finances with ease and keeps you notified about the dues. You can manage your payrolls, cash flows, taxes, invoices, bills, receipts etc., by simply downloading the Wave app on your smartphone. For freelancers and small businesses with team strength of less than 25, Wave can act like their financial manager, only it would never be overburdened with the papers.


Another finance management app makes it to the list. However, unlike the Wave app, Mint is used for managing your personal expenses. It tracks your bill and payments that are due and reminds you to make the payment. It even automatically makes the payment when synchronized with your bank accounts. It also helps you stick to your budget by tracking your spending improves your credit score suggesting different strategies.

LastPass Password Manager

Managing passwords for various accounts has become easier with the LastPass Password Manager app launched this year. It helps you set safe, secure and strong passwords and then remembers them for your future use. Your login credentials would be secure with this password manager app. You would no longer have to memorize different passwords for different logins; everything would be controlled by a master password.


The Fitbit fitness gear made heads turn with its amazing fitness tracker facility. Now, it has launched its app under the same name that performs a number of basic functions of the original Fitbit gear but without it. It keeps a track of your food, calories, sleep, hydration, activity, and much more in the simplest way possible.


Who would have thought that learning new language could be so much fun? The Duolingo has made it simple and quick for you to learn new languages by just investing a few minutes every day on this app. It offers 20 fully functional language packs that are free of cost. The gamification and byte-sized fun, while learning the new language, reaches another level because of the animated, colorful and appealing mobile app design idea.


Imagine having a mobile app that brings all your devices together. Pushbullet is a time-sensitive app that prevents you from missing any important phone call, mail, message or other notification because you don't have your device around. You can even push all the files and links to other Pushbullet users with just a swipe. The mobile app design is one of the best features with all the icons clearly visible on the home screen for easy access.


Now you can create your own music video through the Musical.ly app. The app made a partnership with Apple and integrated the iPhone's music maker service into the app. It enabled the iPhone users to now create music videos using the songs from their own music library. You can pull together smart videos and create Vine videos in just six seconds.


In this fast-paced world, Feedly helps you keep a track of the events happening around the world. It is an RSS reader that contains a number of filters to show the feed you want to read. You can also share your own content and information on this app. It also allows the users to know whenever their name, product, brand etc., is mentioned by the media.

These are the top 10 apps that are ruling 2017. Going through these apps, you can easily get mobile app design ideas for your business and come up with a creative and innovative idea. Join hands with the best mobile app development team to stay one step ahead with a professionally designed app in the mobile app age.

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