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Tips to Become an Amazing Web Designer

Web Design | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2015-08-17

Tips to Become an Amazing Web Designer

If you think, this write-up will tell something magical on jQuery, HTML, or Photoshop, you are in greater need to know what follows. Conventionally, all web designers, burn the midnight oil to sharpen their core technical skills but still an outsized group is left with average mastery, reputation and portfolio, whereas a few become Amazing Web Designers. Why? Because, an amazing web designer is the one who knows the tips we are going to discuss below:

  • With the science of designing, learn the Art of communication! By tradition, designers are supposed to speak through their work but with increasing competition, a web designer has to be a good communicator, an expert in communicating through all the modern communication techniques. Remember, communication skills can eventually make or break you in any field.
  • Walk With the Trend! You are in a dynamic domain. Nothing changes faster than web trends and technologies. Stay tuned to the latest trends and technologies. These inputs may not give you an immediate profit, but eventually they groom you to fight competition.
  • Join Forums! In a dynamic domain like web designing, networking is indispensable. Membership on designer's forum is the master key to unlock success and brand building for a web designer. Try to follow the work of Web Design Companies in India for niche exposure.
  • Learn, experiment and become versatile! Do not focus on a particular language that you are working with; be inquisitive enough to learn and experiment with the other frameworks and languages like HTML5, Java, JavaScript,andCSS3.
  • Build your toolbox! Having a toolbox multiplies the speed and quality of your work. CSS3 Generator, Icomoon, Placehold.it, Fillerama, Gist, HTML Character Entity Reference Chart, Instant Eyedropper etc., are few such tools and for the rest delve into the internet.
  • Bank your work! Grab a hard disk and store all your important work, it can be CSS, Flash, Vectors, Forms or various other projects.
  • Free Resources Pay Well! Discover and make use of free resources, tutorials and platforms that are available on the web; this will definitely hone your skills.
  • Read Thoroughly! Read all the latest edition of books related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Dreamweaver, and Dynamic Web Programming. These readings cement your foundation and prepare you to carry heavier knowledgebase.
  • Maintain and Update your Portfolio! Boasting your potential in front of a client with an updated portfolio can be 70% more effective and result oriented. Make a portfolio and keep updating the same with the latest work delivered. Ensure that your portfolio talks in detail about latest the web layouts, typography, themes, CMS, and techniques.
  • Market well! Competition is tough and you need to learn to brag better and market your talent well. Its a connected world so it's no more an uphill task. Just pay attention to social media marketing and participate in networking activities.
  • Becoming an amazing web designer is not as complicated as going on mission moon, it just requires you to be observant for changing demands of business and technologies, and apart from this, keep reading such articles.

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