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Smart Tips And Tool To Execute And Pass Google's Core Web Vitals

Web Design | Poonam | Updated: 2022-01-10

Smart Tips And Tool To Execute And Pass Google's Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are the set of the important metrics that Google terms as essential for your webpages overall user experience. These Core Web Vitals quantify dimensions for page speed and user engagement. To put it in simple words, Core Web Vitals are a set of specific factors that are a region of Googles page experience score.

These metrics are also known as Googles method of judging any webpages comprehensive user experience (UX). If you want an outstanding travel web design that can pass those Googles Core Web Vitals, you need to explore them in detail first, and then look for the best web design company that can help you in this.

Lets Take The First Step-: Detailed Study On Core Web Vitals.

Why Are Core Web Vitals So Important?

Google clarifies that a commendable Page Experience score will magically push you to the no.1 spot in Google search results. However, they have mentioned that the Page Experience score is one of over 200 factors Google is using these days to rank sites in search results.

As of June 2021, Google confirms that Page Experience is an official Google ranking factor, a mix of factors. Google places importance on those factors for an overall positive customer experience. These include:

  • Serving your page via HTTPS
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Lack of nosy interstitials (annoying pop-ups)
  • Safe-browsing

What Are Googles Core Web Vitals Metrics?

Heres the important fact you need to know about the Core Web Vitals, which can help you work upon your web page.

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). This metrics is a Core Web Vital estimates the amount of time it takes to generate the main content or the biggest content element visible on the page.
  • First Input Display (FID). This metric estimates how quickly a page reacts to a users activities on a page.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). This metric calculates the unexpected movement of content when viewing a page.

How To Measure Core Web Vitals?

If you want to measure the core web vitals, it is fast and easy with Google PageSpeed Insights. Just place the URL of your whole site in the text box, then click the Analyze button and let the tool do work for the rest.

Field Data guides to historical reports concerning a web pages performance founded on anonymized reports from Chrome users. Later on, Lab Data uses a simulated load page with detailed network essentials to rate a site.

Google PageSpeed Insights employs a slow network connection for the lab test. This helps them account for the users with slow internet speed.

Here Is The Good Score For Googles Core Web Vitals?

Now, lets take a glance at the scores you should seek to pass the Chrome User Experience Report.

  • LCP: A good LCP score is approximately 2.5 seconds or less which means that websites loading within 2.6 to 4 seconds need modification, while those websites with a greater loading time than 4 seconds have a poor LCP.
  • FID: A good point for the FID score would need a delay of less than 100ms. However, reaching 300ms denotes a bad user experience.
  • CLS: A score below 0.1 is supposed to be good, but anything above 0.25 is believed as poor.

Optimizing your website appears like a challenge, particularly if your landing page has a lot of features. The good news for you is that its possible nowadays as long as you apply some of the best techniques for enhancing your score for Googles Core Web Vitals.

How To Improve LCP?

Lets take a look at some widespread techniques to improve your LCP score.

  • Image compression

This technique involves grouping parts of an image file or minimizing so that it takes up less space. Despite the contraction in image size, this method doesnt seriously impact the general quality of an image in most possibilities. Utilizing image formats like JPEG also lets images get generated faster.

Have A Look At Some Of The Image Compression Tools:

  1. Jpeg Optimizer,
  2. Ezgif,
  3. Tiny PNG, and
  4. Compressor

  • Utilize A Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN can decrease the span between the user and the server, which directs to a speedier page load time and more acceptable LCP. Even if your server is based in a foreign country, a user from India can enjoy a joyful page experience and speedy download times, regardless of their location.

How To Select The Supreme CDN For Your Business?

CDN comparison allows you to evaluate the features of each CDN provider based on prominent features, pricing, security, and backup.

  • Get A reliable web host

A hosting provider or a web design company can make or break your website loading experience. A cheap hosting plan wont help you reach a passing LCP score, even if you try many tactics to hustle up your loading time.

  • Client-side Rendering

Client-side rendering lets web designers build a website processed through JavaScript. In hindsight, it can upgrade loading times. However, adding bigger JavaScript files could slow down your site, particularly when its not appropriately optimized.

Minifying codes and contractions can let you dodge these repercussions. Alternatively, server-side is yet another option, so LCP gets processed on the server, which raises the LCP score.

  • Remove Unused Plugins

Plugins can enhance your sites interpretation, but too much of a good thing can impact your ranking factor. Having more plugins will need browsers to execute additional tasks and HTTP demands before it can display the landing page.

A good tip is to cut down and remove outdated and unused plugins by listing down all the plugins on your website. Evaluate whether theyre still functional to your eCommerce store.

Tip: Use tools like GTmetrix to decide which files or plugins take more time to load. By putting your WordPress URL on the search bar, and you then can identify slow-loading plugins that have a significant influence on your site speed.

Significant Tools for Enhancing Your Core Web Vitals Score:

There are numerous tools obtainable to upgrade site speed and execution. Heres a look at the top tools WeblinkIndia suggests.


NitroPack is a comprehensive package for speeding up your website. The tool has caching, critical CSS, code optimization, image optimization, resource loading, and JavaScript implementation feature that enhance the LCP score of your webpage. For the convenience of use, it comes with a predefined layout so you can fine-tune your website entirely.


GTMetrix helps you test the performance of your webpage.

Have a look at some top features of this useful tool:

  • Helps test the page on an Android device or mobile device to calculate mobile site speed performance.
  • Leverage Google Lighthouse to obtain actionable insights for performance optimizations.
  • View site performance at different browsers, countries, and connection speeds.

Its Core Web Vitals report presents a summary of your websites performance. You can get milestones for Total Blocking Time, Largest Contentful Paint, and Cumulative Layout Shift.

Core Web Vitals Booster

This is an app that can optimize your performance automatically on desktop devices or mobile devices.

Here are some of its top features:

  • Prioritize storefront resources and postpone everything else
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager Speed Optimization
  • Prioritize resources for Shopify storefront
  • 247 support
  • Klaviyo speed optimization


Now gaining this information, we hope now you are aware of how to boost your pages to score well with Googles Core Web Vitals. However, building and designing web pages that satisfy Googles Core Web Vitals can seem like a challenge. Luckily, some tips and tricks you can use to enhance score and speed up your websites loading time.

If you cannot fine-tune your website by yourself, you can also look for one of the best website design services in India. WeblinkIndia is one of the best web development companies to cater to your web designs and help your website satisfy Googles Core Web Vitals without any hassle.

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