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Things to Consider Before Adding Multimedia to Your Website

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2010-08-07

Things to Consider Before Adding Multimedia to Your Website

Adding multimedia to your webpage is always fun because it adds life to your web pages and makes them more active. Before adding any kind of multimedia, whether it is sound, animation or video, make sure that it will not drive your customers away. You should also be clear about how multimedia can benefit your visitors and solve their problems, without distracting them. Using unnecessary videos or sounds may attract visitors for a while but it will not last for a long.

There are certain things, which one should consider before adding multimedia to a website. Through this write-up, we are telling you about the five basic things that should be considered before taking a step ahead in this direction.

  • Avoid Limiting Multimedia to Only One OS

The most common mistake done by the people while adding multimedia to their website is that they restrict it to only one operating system only. You should understand that multimedia applications are not platform independent, so you must check their playback on various browsers and operating systems before uploading them.

  • Auto-Playing Multimedia Can Actually be Harmful

Strictly avoid playing multimedia automatically because it distracts visitors. The visitor might be surfing through your website during office hours or at public place so the sound of your multimedia may not be as pleasant for them as it is for you and they may have already some other music playing, which will be interrupted by your multimedia. All these factors might put your visitor off and they will get distracted from your website.

  • Have Enough Space and Bandwidth for Multimedia

Before planning to make a multimedia enabled website, make sure to buy more space and bandwidth from your hosting provider as compared to other conventional websites. Multimedia files are larger files, thus they require more bandwidth for downloading or transferring.

  • Create Accessible Multimedia

Uploading inaccessible multimedia files are of no use for the visitors as well as you. It is advisable to create closed-captions or provide transcripts for the video, audio or animation you upload. Following this practice will make your multimedia uploads accessible to the people having hearing or vision problems and also to those who cannot upload multimedia due to bandwidth limitations.

  • Take Help from Online Services for Hosting Video

Internet has numerous options that will ease your task of uploading video on your webpage and they are great support for embedding your video on the webpage. Taking their services will also assist you in avoiding bandwidth or space issues and will also make your videos more visitor friendly. Make sure to understand the terms and conditions need to be considered before using any website for sharing.

If you keep these simple and basic things in mind, you can grab the attention of the visitors and make them appreciate your multimedia uploads. Keeping these factors in consideration before getting started will surely yield positive outcomes.

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