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These Third-Party Services Web Designers Should Not Miss

Web Design | Poonam | Updated: 2021-01-17

Hosting a website

Its been over 2 decades since the internet has become an inextricable part of our lives. It began as an escape from real life and today, it is undeniably a major source of information & entertainment. Through the internet, we can easily access multifarious media instantly. All in all, digital lives have become simplified by imbibing with the internet in our lives. With the consistent growth of Web Designing in India, the breed of new designers is getting smarter. They know how to save time and deliver fantastic results.

However, there are some functionalities that require professional surveillance. Being a jack of all and master of none doesnt work in the web designing industry. Designers remain focused on their area of specialization and should not step back from outsourcing other important services. As you will peruse ahead, you will get to know what third-party services shouldnt be missed by web designers for delivering outstanding results.
Let The Expert Do His Job
Just imagine Keanu Reeves managing bookkeeping or Johnny Depp performing open-heart surgery or Virat Kohli playing hockey. Doesnt that sound unrealistic and hilarious? Obviously, because they cannot do it! Then how can you expect a web designer to perform anything else apart from designing the website? Web designers cannot market the product/services, they cannot draft articles/blogs, they cannot fix software glitches, and theres a lot more than they cannot do. Then what? Theres nothing to stress upon because we can easily acquire third-party assistance and make everything cakewalk. Lets understand how:
  • Hire Freelance Writers
Honestly, you can easily get the writing work done by approaching a freelance content writer. Even a writer friend would do the work if dinner is on you. Professional content writers, content strategists, content architects, and more from the same barn are available online. You can hire the suitable bid and get the work done without breaking wings. At times, there are some projects that require a bit of writing for making the content SEO-amicable. Instead of using the tricks & hacks scattered online, it is better to approach a professional writer and get the work done aptly.
  • I.T Experts
Another service that should be outsourced is the security of the website. In the industry of web designing in India, designers do have a rough idea of what security software/anti-virus would work, but some technicalities can be decoded only with the assistance of an I.T professional. Understanding the framework of the website, resolving complex troubleshoots, installation of new programs/software etc., is performed by I.T professionals. If you, as a freelance web designer, think that such changes are required then consult a professional for the solution.
  • SEO & SMO
This is the third-essential element of every website. The lack of SEO and weak SMO are two giant obstacles that prevent the growth of the website. Integration of suitable keywords and devising strategies for social media is not a cakewalk for web designers. Hence, you must get in touch with an SEO-SMO professional for the best solution. With this, a designer can easily focus on giving the right look to the website while the SEO-SMO expert will ensure the performance on the other side.
  • Website Testing
Do you think humans can get a vaccination against rabies from a vet? Thats a sheer irrational representation of thoughts. Just because you want to get immunity and prevent from transmitting rabies, it doesnt mean youll approach a vet for vaccination! Similarly, a website designer will design the website and developer will take charge for further developments. Only a website test engineer will hunt bugs and lacunae for further changes. Hence, it becomes mandatory to outsource website testing services because perfection in the work matters.
  • Marketing
Another key element for every website to upsurge is marketing. Whether small scale or large, marketing is mandatory for a product/service to aware the common public about a brand. Sometimes, a web designer might come across a project that needs a push in the market. In such cases, you can delve into the strategies and use the best methods for promoting a product in the digital world. Web designers can collaborate with digital marketers and accomplish the target.
  • Website Hosting
You need space to host a website on the internet. No web designer can create hosting himself. For Hosting a website, you need to approach hosting providers in the market. They offer packages for hosting the website annually, bi-annually, tri-annually etc. Longer the duration, the better the benefits.
  • Domain Name of Website
What will be the name of the website? It is not the responsibility of the web designer to fetch the name of the website. In case the client doesnt suggest any name, you can add your own suggestions. For acquiring the suitable name, you need to approach domain name providers where you can find multifarious names.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
Web designers do not create a payment gateway, especially for ecommerce websites or websites having a specific purpose for collecting funds. To include a payment gateway, one can use payment gateway third-party apps that provide free and purchasable gateway systems.

Mic Drop

And, this was the list of the top 8 third-party services that are mandatory for a website designer. By acquiring these services, you can easily accomplish the work without facing hassle. Utilizing these services is mandatory because it simplifies the work and saves time.

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