The Principle of Proximity in Web Design

web-disgnWeb designing has brought about a complete change in the web field. It is frequently updated with latest techniques that enable the websites and web pages to appear highly attractive and adds interactive quotient to them.


Which one according to you will interest you more: a website that has exquisite designs but has unorganized layout or a well-organized attractive website? The answer probably will be the latter one.


Here in this write up we will talk about the principle of proximity in web design, which is an old concept that existed since the emergence of web designing.


What is principle of proximity?

As per this principle the items on a web page that are similar in nature shall be grouped visually together. This will enable a web page to appear organized and simple to navigate. Also, it emphasizes that the items that are not connected together are kept apart.


If this principle is effectively applied then the web page made will be user friendly. We will present you certain ways in which it can be incorporated in the web design.

  • Appropriate use of White Space
  • Grouping of related elements
  • Hierarchy of items should be maintained
  • Easy to Read and Scan websites


Appropriate use of White Space:

This is the primary step to be considered while implementing the principle of proximity. Knowing the significance of white space on the web page is essential. Web designers especially the ones who are new to the field concentrate on filling up the space and forget about the white space.

  • Having appropriate white space on the page is mandatory as it offers suitable contrast and comforts the user’s eyes.
  • It gives an organized look
  • Makes the design more appealing
  • Holds the interest of the visitors


Note: white space doesn’t only mean white color but the empty spacing between the designs.


Grouping of related elements:

Even if you have apt white space your website might not look organized. Why? Because of lack of grouping. Grouping of elements is very important aspect to be looked after in web designing. E.g. On a web page the company name, contact details, achievements, etc. should be clearly visible and arranged systematically.

  • It gives the users a relief as they can easily locate the relevant information
  • Helps in easy navigation on the site


Hierarchy of items should be maintained:

Grouping also involves proper flow of information. The sub-grouping is also important so as to present the visitor with a clear view.  It can be easily done with the help of HTML lists.


Easy to Read and Scan websites:

Using the above mentioned points the layout prepared for a website will be easy to scan. Also, it will become an easy read for the visitor.


Points to remember:

For a website to have a layout that is easily navigated ensure that it’s:

  • Content is well-planned
  • Headings are properly highlighted
  • Separation of information is there

The proximity principle can be easily used in websites having less content but it is required mainly on sites having heavy content.


Benefits of the Principle of Proximity in Web Design:

  • Enables your website to look attractive
  • Holds the interest of the reader
  • Helps driving more traffic
  • Enables the visitors to search for the information easily without any obstructions

Thus now you must have acquired a clear idea of how the principle of proximity is incorporated in the web design india and benefits of using it.

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