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Importance Of Responsive Website Design

Web Design | Ankit Gupta | Last Updated: 2015-03-03

Importance Of Responsive Website Design

Those days seem to be long gone when the people rarely had an internet connection and the job of website designing was simple, just to make it friendly for the mouse and the keyboard. In todays era, things have completely changed with more and more people using their smartphones to access the internet and internet is simply ruling our world with beautiful and dynamic web pages. The tools like HTML5, Javascript, Ruby, CSS3, and Python offer countless opportunities together with human expertise and limitless imagination.

So, the increasing use of the tablets and smartphones for browsing websites have made it a necessity to create websites that can work through all the platforms. The idea of Responsive Websites is a great one where the websites adapt to the screen on which they are viewed. The Responsive Websites have become an important feature of modern landscape of web designing creating Mobile Website for the visitors that they love. The Responsive Websites reformat themselves according to the device on which they are displayed be it a desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

The Responsive Websites have enhanced the users experience creating a wave in the website industry. They make it easier for visitors to find, engross, and pass on the content. They are completely different from the previous web designs and here are a few reasons that speak of the importance of Responsive Web Design In India.

Importance Of Responsive Website Design:

  • Google Is Impressed By Responsive Websites

The aim of every website is to be in the top search list of the google and Responsive Websites are a great way to grab the google attention. The google not only recommends them to target the mobile users but also favor mobile optimized sites while presenting search result on websites. From the SEO perspective, the Responsive Websites are a great option rather than a separate website. The separate mobile websites have their URL and different HTML from their desktop websites. On the other hand, the responsive uses one URL and a set of files and pages making it simpler for the google to crawl and catalogue content.

  • One URL for the Responsive Websites

Having separate Mobile Websites is good when the content amount is huge but they have the challenge to build authority from scratch, to rank well as compared to their desktop counterparts. Creating Responsive Websites will allow you to maintain the backlinks and lets you focus on SEO on single site. By this way, you can direct your links to one domain giving the responsive website a boost in SERPs. Furthermore, with responsive website, one can build social shares for just one URL. So, wherever the link is viewed, the site gets shared be it a desktop, mobile, tablet and the whole content is clear and easy to navigate.

Moreover, the responsive websites combat the problem of mobile websites suffering from high bouncing rates. The Responsive Websites present the same content found on the desktop site but in way that is more functional. Moreover, there is no compromise on the displayed content.

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