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Static web design pros and cons

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2010-03-09

Static web design pros and cons

Websites are the representation of a trade online; they are a compilation of web pages having detailed information of the business and its workings. Websites are designed in two major formats: static and dynamic. Static web design is the traditional format being extensively used to create websites.

What is static web design or static web pages?

  • Static web page, once created cannot be altered or updated unless specialized editors are used. As their name states, they are static in nature. They are widely used to create brochures and classic websites. Dynamic websites are the new fad in the field of web designing and most of the sites are designed as dynamic.
  • It is very essential to choose the right type for your websites in accordance with your requirements and budget. If you want to know what advantages and disadvantages a static website has over dynamic, then our write up shall guide you through.


  • Easier to create than others
  • Cost of creating is much less than the dynamic
  • Hard coded static pages can be created with much ease
  • They are easily crawled over by the search engine spiders and thus attract more visitors
  • Almost all designers have the knowledge about static websites
  • AlIdeal for those businesses who require a simple website


  • It proves to be highly expensive when updated: a hard-coded website is updated in accordance with the website's size.
  • It is less interactive and attractive
  • A site owner cannot update the content on his own unless he is well-versed with CSS, HTML, etc.

Thus by now you must have acquired a fair idea of benefits and disadvantages of using a static web design. So, carefully estimate your needs and select the right kind of website for your business.

1 thoughts on "Static web design pros and cons"

  • Yash
    11 March, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    You can have the dynamic web pages since these are easy to create but can change the URLs for SEO purposes. Else, you can have judicious mix of static and dynamic web pages ( as happens in ecommerce sites) and have advantages of both.


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