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How To Spend Your Budget On Your Website Redesign?

Web Design | Poonam | Updated: 2020-08-25

How To Spend Your Budget On Your Website Redesign?

Usually, when companies find a drop in their leads, they start thinking of website redesigning. But, sometimes the potentially and unfamiliar cost of the process can bring in stress and frustration. The more you get to know about the process, the strategy, timeline, and cost, the better you can make a decision. Here in this article, you will get an insight into what you should know while going for a website redesign and how to invest.

Do You Need To Redesign Website?

  • This question generally comes to everyone's mind, whether or not to redesign. It depends on what you want to accomplish with a website redesign. Usually, companies choose to redesign their website because they are getting lower traffic to leads. This is a huge indication that the owner of the business should take the website seriously. Aesthetics and designs are the second things that come to one's mind. This is because users usually look for content than aesthetics and designs on a website. If the user doesn't find what he or she is looking for, they will leave the site immediately and will never visit again.
  • You can also choose to redesign if you want to completely re-brand your company or want to combine sites. Also, redesigning your website can affect the budget depending on the changes that you wish to have. If you want to build from scratch then it will certainly cost way more than you expect. Be clear about your needs before you make a move.

How Long Does It Take?

  • The time depends on the changes that one is looking for. A full website redesign can take three to six months. If you choose the best web designing company in India then the time taken can vary. The reason behind this is that professional web designing companies have different strategies which they use to develop and design. They usually finish work faster than the other companies.
  • The amount of time taken to complete redesigning also depends on the complexity of the website. Like if you want to customize anything or want to add a pricing calculator, such things take time to develop.
  • If you want just to make some updates on the home page or so, which have a high conversion rate like pricing pages, the work will be completed with a few weeks.

How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

  • The cost of redesigning usually depends on the template that you choose, the content that you build, or how technical things are. Today CMS's are starting to be easier to manipulate. It offers drop functionality and drag. This is why we see several companies choose website redesign in the house. But this doesn't help. Though you can buy a template online and can create your website, you cannot do what a developer can.
  • A developer has the strategy and skills to make your website look professional and drag more customers. So you can do the DIY website with two members who are involved in the project but you need to hire services from the agency if you want something custom.
  • Secondly, you can outsource some services depending on your in-house abilities. Usually, the cost of the hybrid model depends on the amount of work you are sharing. It generally costs around 15000-25000 dollars. This amount includes content coaching, strategy, and much more.
  • If you want to build something from scratch and customize it according to your needs, you need to spend around 35000-55000 dollars.

Does The Size Of Your Business Affect Cost?

No, the size of the business doesn't affect the cost of redesigning your website. It depends on the changes that you are looking for and how much customizationQ you want to make it. For example, if you do not want to upload any of the content, images or anything of that sort just want to be part of the strategy, in that case, redesigning might cost 35000 dollars. It can go less if there is less work to do and the company puts in something.

How To Spend?

This depends on the priorities and changes that you want to see on your website. The cost of redesigning varies from person to person and their needs. But make sure that you choose a reliable and professional company to get your work done.

Do Some Research

Before you invest in something do some research. Compare two or more companies and choose the one that you find responsive and better. Also, go for recommendations. Ask your friends and families about good web designing companies where you can get what you want.
Choose responsive website design services from reliable companies and increase leads to your website.

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