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Simple way of creating a Shopping Cart with Paypal

Ecommerce | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-07-29

Simple way of creating a Shopping Cart with Paypal

Creating a shopping cart on your e-commerce website has never been as easy as it has become with the growing popularity of Paypal. For those, who are not aware of what actually Paypal is, it is a kind of e-commerce business that allows money transfers and payments through the internet medium. Paypal will charge you a small amount of purchase price, which will deduct automatically from the payment made by the customer. Before you get started with Paypal, there are some things which you need to have for setting up a Paypal shopping cart. Like:

  • Paypal Account: It is actually very easy to sign up for a Paypal account. You just need to visit their website and get yourself registered there. It is advisable to use e-mail, which you want to associate with your shopping cart.
  • Products for selling: Don't forget to furnish the details of the items you want to sell. Mention items name, price, tax rate, etc. along with the product image.
  • An HTML Editor: Having an HTML editor is actually very important for adding a shopping cart to your website.

These are the basic requirements for adding a Paypal shopping cart to your website. Now the question is how to add one to your website? Here, we are providing you two simple ways of adding a Paypal shopping cart to your website.

The Easy Way Out The best and the easiest way for setting up a Paypal Shopping Cart is to copy the HTML coding available on the internet at your Buy Now button on the website. You can make changes in the coding for specifying your own Paypal e-mail address, item for sale and price. That coding can be put on every page of the website where you want to add shopping cart with changed item name and price.

The Better Way of Setting a Paypal Shopping Cart No doubt, the above mentioned way is simple, but it has its own drawbacks like your shopping cart e-mail address remains wide open to the spammers as there is only one button i.e. Buy Now. The best way of fixing this problem is to go directly to the Paypal official website, where they provide you a button designer. The button designer offers you a facility of designing your own shopping cart button as per your requirement. You can customize your shopping cart button in the following ways: ? Replace Buy Now with Add to Cart, this will ease the customers shopping for multiple items. ? You can accept donations; sell gift certificates, set subscriptions, etc. ? By adding item ID's, you can get help from Paypal in managing inventory. ? Change currency depending on your country or set multiple prices. ? You can Merchant ID for making transactions; this will keep your e-mail secured. ? Customize checkout pages and add many other options depending on your will and requirement. Once you are done with your customized settings, simply save the changes and paste the generated code into the HTML editor of your website, where you want shopping cart button. Follow these simple steps and enable Paypal Shopping Cart on your e-commerce website. We are sure that this write-up will be of great help for your online business.

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