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Simple Designing is the Key to an Attractive Website

Web Design | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2019-07-27

Simple Designing is the Key to an Attractive Website

About a decade back when most of us used to work for web designing companies in the country, we have handled a lot of clients demands of filling every corner of the web page with pop up boxes, drop-down boxes, different fonts for logo with the company name, etc. with my designing and coding team. Actually, it was not counted as too bad then for a software look out!

A few years ago, customers wanted as many as possible content load in their websites, along with stuffing of design elements. But the scenario is completely different today. All the cool and successful sites are lightly designed and they contain a little of everything. Actually, those include exactly whatever is necessary for their business. Nothing is stuffed there or nothing is available on bulk on the popular websites. And, seeing their success on the internet, customers want similar things now for their own projects.
This is very well understood. A site with lots of contents and with complex designs is not easy to work with and most of the times the urgency of work leaves opposite effects for the clients. Thus, a website designing company suggests simplified designs to attract more and more customers to the business.

Reduce the content of the website

Visitors on the websites hardly read line by line, usually, they scan the pages through their eyes focusing on the desired images or words. On your website, I am sure there may many contents which are not at all important for sending the message. Simply delete those parasite words. Limit the number of desired or workable words on the web screen. How to do it? The rule to do this is to express every single idea in a single paragraph. This is helpful for the readers too to scan the web contents and understand easily. Another rule is to use the pyramid format of contents. It is to start with the conclusion and adding up contents on the way. It is a trick to hold readers on the page by growing their interests for exploring more in the blog.

No visual decorations are welcomed

A web development company always suggests its customers for no extra elements just to look good on the web. A unique and good looking design of the pages is admired by everyone but the result may not seem to be good at the end. The decorations may distract the customers from the important part of the contents.
A lot of text is not necessary. On the other hand, difficult to understand texts are also of no use. Many uses of underlines, different fonts, too many colors, illogical background designs, and all are not truly in favour of the easy understanding of the contents. Unnecessary use of background designs is also not welcome like flying colorful triangles or balls in the background. It all distracts the customers.

Reuse design elements

Yes, you read it right. A web development company finds success in creating repetitive elements and combining them. Using lots of font sizes, colours, and style patterns is a waste. To maintain the consistency of design patterns re-using the design elements is the key rule. Some basic ways to do that is like not using multiple font types, colours, and design patterns, etc. on each page. Even if you are using extra quotes on the page, make sure they are of the same font size and type. No two types of fonts should be used.

Have one user as the target

  • I have encountered many web development company work cultures and was an active part of their success stories. The key to their success is their clear motive and clean targets. You should know to whom you want to target for making business, like which age group, which sex, which background customers, and so on. And, your survey should end over the largest target for your business!
  • Mainly, most of the companies encounter for multiple clients of separate backgrounds, ages, sexes, etc. but there is a chance that your message gets lost in this large group of targeted customers. There are huge chances that your company message does not reach any one of the huge target lists. This is why a website designing company makes the designs keeping one user in mind. You should narrow your target list as exactly whom you want to target, like what age, which gender, what educational profile, etc. so that your energy should get invested in the right resources.

Along with these, if you are running any product campaigning on your website, make it clear! Try to focus customers attention to the particular business you aim for, and delete all other things on the site which can distract them. For marketing campaigns, separate landing pages are recommended. Hope this article is helpful to make your website stand out in the crowd.

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