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What are reset stylesheets? Advantages and Disadvantages

Web Design | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2010-03-22

What are reset stylesheets? Advantages and Disadvantages

If a file or document does not open in all the browsers or opens but with incomplete designing then it might turn out to be a failure. As all the browsers have their specific default settings so they do not support all types of files. In such a situation you need a tool that helps in overcoming the browser inconsistency, Reset Stylesheet is one such way.

This is achieved by resetting the formatting of the browser to 0. This allows the designers to have complete command over the CSS and thus create the designs as per their will.

Once the designer learns the usage of the Reset stylesheets then the designing as well as alterations of the document can be done at a faster speed.

Thus from our write up you must have acquired a fair idea of what Reset stylesheet is and the function it performs. After analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of using a reset stylesheet it is up to you to decide whether it is useful to you or not. Yes, it is an effective web tool that lets the web designers to bring in modifications in the designs of the documents so as to make it appear similar in all the browsers.

What are Reset Stylesheets?

It is a kind of CSS (cascaded style sheets) file that contains CSS rule, designed to defuse the default settings of the browser and allows the HTML documents to open properly.

What does it do or how does it work?

It basically clears the HTML document off the tags and narrows the padding and margins to a base level (0 value). It prevents the HTML document from the cross-browser differences that sprung up because of the default settings.

How to create Reset Stylesheets :

The stylesheet has to be attached to the header and then using CSS a designer can easily change or set the format: margin, font space, padding level, etc. as per his wish. This will make the design of the page as per your choice and strike out the default settings of the browser.


  • It enables the web designers to have a design that appears similar on all the browsers:
  • It helps in saving time:


  • As the formatting has to be 0 before using reset stylesheet so many things that might has to be used in the future needs to be added beforehand
  • The work that was controlled by the browsers has to be looked after by you
  • It consumes a lot of time in its primary stages

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