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Redesign Your Website In Accordance To Latest Web Standards

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2011-09-19

Redesign Your Website In Accordance To Latest Web Standards

Before going on to website redesigning, one question which needs to be answered is, Why is a website made? The answer can be provided by almost anyone accessing the Internet on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. A website is a marketing tool designed and uploaded online for the sheer purpose of promotion. Taken as the first step by any business entering the web space, a website gives a boost to a company's identity only if it is designed accurately as per the Web standards.
So, maintaining a website that is in sync with the Web standards is the need of the hour. If your site is a static one without any recent up gradation then it might prove to be a disadvantage for your business, redesigning of the website should immediately be considered.
So, when is the time to redesign your site?

  • The site has age old designs like old format tables, frames, fonts, backgrounds etc.
  • It has content that is irrelevant to the present scenario

Before going any further, let us understand what is meant by web standards. Web standards are the guidelines provided by the W3C. Following these guidelines makes the websites more accessible to the users. Creating a site in compliance with these standards will earn a sea of benefits for the business which are as follows.

  • Easy maintenance: The structure and the presentation of the websites can be easily separated. So any changes that have to be made can be done with ease.
  • Accessibility increases: The new redesigned websites will be compatible with all the browsers that assure wider accessibility.
  • Improved quality: Websites designed in compliance to the Web standards are of finer quality with excellent graphics and various functional advantages.
  • Ideas are better reflected: Your website is the mirror to your business. Your growth should be highlighted in your website. So, redesigning it with advanced features and new content will provide you an edge.
  • Compatibility with Search Engines: Without the higher search engine rankings, a site cannot be successful. So, SEO techniques should be strictly adhered to.

If the website becomes stale and is not performing well as expected, you should seriously consider redesigning your website. For effectively redesigning your website, it should be done as per the latest web standards.

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