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Redesign Websites: Some Insights

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2015-01-19

Redesign Websites: Some Insights

These days almost every business is operated via website. It is not surprising to see websites owners making drastic changes on their websites from time to time. Every website owner wants that his/her website should look attractive and reflect clearly the culture of the company. If the website is not attracting enough traffic or looks outdated, one should think about redesigning the website. Redesign Websites: Some Insights are given below! There are various goals that a website owner wants to achieve when he/she decides to get the website redesigned, and some of them are: Attract traffic Customer retention & satisfaction Raise money Make brand identity E-Commerce Advertising Employee retention & satisfaction

Before starting the website redesigning, one should start by asking oneself few simple questions such as :

What is the nature of business one owns? What are the goals of the company? What all should the website have and do so that it supports the business of the website owner? The above questions would help one redesign the website accordingly. Some effective changes that one can make to ones website are following:

  • Have Simple Design : Keep the website design simple. The home page of the site and its various other pages should be very clean. The design should be visually nice but there should be no flashing and blinking. There should be enough white space in the design and images should be displayed in a page-scrolling format.
  • Use of Different Information Formats : Each page should be designed such to have images, text and icons. Different viewers like to inhale information in different ways. Some prefer text while others prefer videos. So, a website design should have different information formats included.
  • Encourage Viewers to Take Action : A website design should have many buttons, links and different ways via which viewers can take action. A design with the right options can lure viewers into subscribing to the email list or sign for the demonstration. The prime objective of the website should be to make the viewers take action.
  • Give a Guided Experience : A website should have clear pathways. A website's navigation bar should have organized items and there should be buttons that should take viewer to next page. A website design can have strategic placement of arrows too. One can also incorporate pop-up forms in the website.

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