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Quick Tips to Brush Up Your Web Designing Skills

Web Design | Poonam | Updated: 2015-08-28

Quick Tips to Brush Up Your Web Designing Skills

Website designing is not just about hardcore Photoshop and mastering jQuery. While building a professional repertoire as a web designer, there are a lot of things that should be kept in mind along with having a wonderful hold on the designing techniques. Web Designing techniques keep on evolving both creatively and technically thus learning new techniques becomes as important as constantly improving and pushing the limits of creativity. Challenging indeed Lets have a look at few tips, practices and exercises that will help you to evolve as a better web designer to fight this challenge.

Grab a Sketchbook

Grab a sketchbook and pen down all your creativity and designing skills on a piece of paper. Take your sketchbook and note all the visual cues you get from your surroundings. It will develop your organizing skills and improve your brainstorming and working process.

Start with Gray Outlines

Turn your screen blueprint into a gray-scale visual design and then carefully add colors and place your photography into the wireframe one at a time. This will save you from creating a virtual hodgepodge and help you in keeping the elements that are needed.

Smart placing of Social Media Icons

All the hard work, money and thought invested in a web design intend to retain a visitor on the website and not to send them on any social media networking sites. Instead of flashing social media icons on prominent locations like header, an expert web designer smartly places these icons in the footer where users find them only after spending ample time on the website. Remember, today web designers are expected to foresee such details which directly or indirectly impinge on ROI, and this is considered as one of the essential web designing skills.

Steer clear of Side Bars

Hard to believe but yes Sidebars wane the probabilities of response to the Call-To-Action. Considered as a good idea, Sidebars have been prominently used in web designs, but soon developers have realized that Side Bars hamper the longer span of attention and distract users reading. While in designs without sidebar, people read longer and are more likely to respond to Call-To-Action. In some cases it has been observed that removal of sidebars has 30% boosted the response to CTA.

Focus on Typography

The skills and knowledge of suitable typographic styles enhance the prospects of an aesthetically appealing web design with greater readability and user-friendliness. Unskilled designers use typographic styles in a way that makes a website look complicated and cumbersome. Sharpen your understanding of web font to enhance the quality score of your web designs.

Get Inspiration From Nature

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. Frank Lloyd, seems fit for the web designers as at times when they run out of ideas, a picture of a landscape or any nature view may be a great help. Use a color picker to pick the hues from the pictures and use it in your website designing.

Redo Other Peoples Design

Redesigning other peoples layout will improve your skills and knowledge. Moreover with this you will be able to figure out what they have done wrong and what you could have done better in the same existing layout. This is a great way to improve your designing skills.

GRead Design Related Blogs

To keep up with the ever-changing world of designs and web development, read and follow graphic design blogs. On such blogs you will come across the tutorials, latest news and tips from all the renowned web designers and get an idea of what is trending around.

GNetworking with Web Designers

Networking helps to get connected with experienced and talented designers. The time invested in such connections pays well in the form of insight and guidance on general aspects, and in specific cases their advice can instantly drag you out of a problem you are stuck in, during a project. Asking questions on such forums and networking sites helps you in getting the answer of all the questions that web designing schools could never have answered.

Keep Upgrading Yourself

The world of web designing changes every day. To keep up with the pace of the technology, web designers need to be in tune with the new innovations taking place all around. Stay tuned with all the online and offline platforms which consistently update you about current trends of web designing, the latest update in web technologies, coding, and languages. Find out whats new and whats trending and incorporate it in your web designs.

Web designing is itself a challenging field full of many such designing hacks. Along with it there are many online schools that provide training in Professional website design In India. Apart from such reads for skill enhancement, a lot of practice and thirst to adapt new trends is required to become a proficient web designer.

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