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Principles of a Conversion Oriented Web Design

Web Design | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2014-10-10

Principles of a Conversion Oriented Web Design

The foremost aim of any business website is to convert its visitors to loyal customers. Every visitor that comes to the website is a potential customer. Hence, the web design should be made in such a way that most visitors are converted into customers of the company. the seven principles for a conversion oriented web design are:-

  • Clarity- The web design should be very clear and the visitor should be easily able to understand that what does he needs to do next. The choices and steps should be clearly mentioned for easy operation.
  • Less number of choices- The number choices given to a potential customer should not be too much. Many choices are likely to confuse the visitor and he may end up without making any decision. It has been tested as well that people make quicker decisions when they have to choose from less options.
  • Disparity among choices- The choices given should be different from each other. The differences should be evidently given so that the visitor can make a quick decision.
  • Relatable choices- The choices should not be vague and must be related to each other. The customer must be able to compare the choices.
  • Customized landing page- The landing page is the most crucial part of any website. It is the page that decides whether a visitor would be converting into a customer or not. People land on a website from different sources, for example, Facebook, Google or Yahoo Mail. The landing page must be tailor made for different sources.
  • Sequencing- Sequencing the functions is a good way to hold the visitors on the website. First the information about the product then its benefits and then the way to purchase it, everything should be in a sequence form.
  • Emotional appeal- Decisions are made on two basis, logic and emotions. The web design and information given on it must be completely logical. But along with logic, the message should target the emotional appeal of the visitors. It should relate with their personal beliefs and aspirations.
  • The fold- The call to action must be placed at an apt position on the landing page. Placing it too early would offend some visitors while placing it too late may lose their interest. It should be placed after giving the benefits and motivational message.

These are the important website designing principles to make a landing page, conversion oriented. Adhering to these principles ensure that a random visitor would not be lost because of a poor landing page copy.

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