Photoshop Backgrounds In Web Designing

photoshop-backgrounds-in-web-designingAn art in web-designing is providing an attractive background for the websites. The web designers who have been designing sites for a while now are acquainted with the small things that make the subtle difference between a good site and a great site. An often overlooked part of a website is the background. To make the background interesting and innovative is often hard, but when achieved properly, it adds to a site design immensely.


For this purpose, Photoshop Pattern Tool can be used to create a variety of innovative textures. A number of free plugins on the net are easily available. You just need to look for Photoshop plugins ending in .PAT, and install the same into Photoshops Pattern Folder.


Tips To Use Patterns In Photoshop

  • After the installation of the Photoshops Tool, the easiest way to use it is via the layer style tool in Photoshop.
  • Create a new layer and fill it with a color. On the left menu, click Pattern Overlay and select the installed pattern.
  • You can then use the scale bar to adjust the size and gap between the design in each pattern, and the opacity tool to blend it into the underlying background color or gradient.
  • Try these options to create a powerful set of tools that can add an extra dimension to your background style.


Creating Your Own Patterns

  • Creating a Photoshop pattern is as simple as making a new document, preferably just 10x 10 pixels.
  • But while creating the design, one has to remember that it has to be repeated perfectly, so keep in mind where the edges of a pattern will meet with the repeat.
  • Once you are happy with your design click on Edit, and then Define Pattern.
  • Once your pattern is saved, it will appear in the Pattern Overlay library.


A striking background will only present the other elements of the website and make them look more prominent and add to their value. Therefore, the user-friendly Photoshops Tool can easily help us achieve this end.

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