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Mobile Website Design Best Practices

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2011-08-11

Mobile Website Design Best Practices

Nowadays, every business needs to have a website in order to promote itself. It is not possible for any business's target audience to go visiting its corporate office every now and then. That is why, utilizing the power of the Internet, websites are created which may enable the target audience to quickly glance at the website created and know all about the company. Just like every business absolutely needs to have a website, now every business should also have a mobile version of that website.

According to the Global Mobile Data Forecast update, there was a high mobile data usage in 2010. By the year 2015, there will be nearly one mobile device per person. With the increase in the number of mobile devices, mobile website viewing is growing at an accelerated rate.
Listed below are some of the best tips for mobile website designing.

  • Mobile sites should be kept simple : Your mobile site should be much simpler than your standard website. Eliminate many of your slow loading graphics and keep less text on the site. Think of ways to greatly simplify your design, your content and the number of pages. Focus your content on just what your mobile web visitor needs to know.
  • Use Valid Markup : A bad code may not work for mobile browsers as desktop browsers. To ensure a high level of mobile-friendliness, validate your mobile web page using the W3C Mobile OK Checker.
  • Target Smart phones : Design your mobile site for the Smart Phone. This is the high growth segment in mobile. Even though Smart phones represent only a minor percentage of the cell phones in use today, they represent a major portion of total global handset traffic. Smart phones are much more than just cell phones; they provide instant access to the web.
  • Increase display sizes : Today 400x240 screen resolutions are common and are typical for a smart phone web design. For instance, the new Apple iPhone 4 has a display of 960x640 and the Droid X has an 854x480 display.

These are some of the tips whose effective implementation can attract a lot of visitors to your website and can draw a lot of admiration too.

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