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Mobile Web Design Tips for Web Designers

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2011-08-25

Mobile Web Design Tips for Web Designers

The role of Web Designers has expanded from, just designing websites to designing websites that are compatible with mobile phones and other devices. Mobile Web Design has gained prominence with the increasing popularity of mobile phones that have emerged as convergence devices for all technologies. It has therefore become crucial that while designing for the web, the Designers should ensure the compatibility of the design with the mobile phone. Discussed here are some Mobile Web Design tips for Web Designers:

  • Keep it simple - The layout of a mobile website should be kept as simple as possible because the display size and space available on a mobile screen is quite less. Moreover, the mobile users want everything that they are searching for to be readily available so everything presented on a screen should be accessible, usable, and readable. The important content should be more prominently placed so that it is easily visible on the mobile screen.
  • Do not overuse graphics - Keeping in mind the limited rendering capabilities of cell phones, the designers should not use too many graphics in the web design; otherwise the page becomes heavy and does not open easily on the mobile.
  • Break up the web page - Breaking up the web pages into smaller portions is a good option because lengthy sections of text can be hard to read so placing them on several pages limits the scrolling to one direction. A mobile user prefers smaller sections of text due to easy readability as well as navigation.
  • Screen Resolution - It is good to keep the screen resolution to a level that can easily fit in the mobile screen. Aim to strike a balance between sufficient screen width and audience size. Ideal screen resolution is the one that can display text and other effects appropriately across a range of screen sizes without having to recreate pages for different platforms.

Such tricks and techniques are adopted by websites of leading companies like Mc Donald's, Nike, Sony etc. and have added hugely to their popularity. Web Designers can attract large traffic by making their websites mobile friendly. By incorporating features like option to view the full website, effective navigation placement and balanced links they can make the web design more effective.

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