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Mobile Web Design Guidelines

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2011-04-14

Mobile Web Design Guidelines

Today the use of mobile phones has highly increased. Everyone owns a mobile phone whether a student, senior citizen, the poor, the rich. With the rise in the use of mobile phones more and more mobile phone owners use the internet browsers in their mobile phones. With the use of the latest technology i.e. ANDROID IPHONE and various other mobile phones have sprouted contributing to the development of mobile phone browsers which requires a special attention from web designers. The following are some useful guidelines for mobile web designing:

  • Reduce The Amount Of Content : Not everything shown on PC can wit onto a mobile webpage, where space is short and every pixels count. Only include the most important content or features. Mobile websites should be very much focused.
  • Single Column Layout : Wide WebPages are difficult to show on small mobile phones. Even on smart phones like iPhone and Android large screen web pages load up zoomed out so that they can fit onto the screen.
  • Presenting The Navigation Differently : It is difficult to fit the navigation across the top of on the screen on a mobile webpage. On the homepage place the navigation at the top of the page and leave content for later pages.
  • Minimise Text Entry : Entering text onto mobile phones is much more difficult than using a keyboard. Mobiles with QWERTY keyboards are the easiest mobile keyboards to use but not every mobile has this facility. Besides, the design should also be compatible with all touch-screen mobiles.
  • Take Advantage Of Inbuilt Memory : Make calls, see an address on a map, input information in creative and innovative ways.

Remember that content is the king and people are going to your site, to access the information they need. That's why always think twice about how you want your content to be delivered and you will be one step ahead in the mobile web design game.

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