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Mobile Application Development Trends

App Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2014-03-10

Mobile Application Development Trends

Mobile application development can simply be defined as the process meant for developing application software. The software is typically developed for handheld gadgets such as mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants) and enterprise digital assistants. The best thing about these specially developed applications is that they can be pre-installed during the fabrication of phones as well as can be downloaded by users from diverse software distribution platforms. They can also be delivered as web applications with the use of server-side processing so as to offer a typical application-like experience. In past few years, app developers have created several groundbreaking Mobile Application Development Trends. Below-mentioned are some of these trends:

  • Less Blatant Navigation The popular application software designs that can be observed being incorporated in well-known platforms such as Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Play, etc. have established a paradigm shift. The fundamental change witnessed in their redesigns during last year is mainly because of the less blatant navigation. Because of the paradigm shift, users now can easily have access to all the major fragments of a particular application at the same time as ensuring that it retains sufficient screen space for the content.
  • Clean Interface Last year has seen clean interface as a great trendsetter in application development. The reason behind this phenomenal occurrence is the fact that applications work better when their interface is simplified instead of incorporated with extra style, graphics or color schemes. An example in case would be the redesigned interface of LinkedIn app. It clearly indicates how a simplified app design having clean interface can perform efficiently and look smart without exaggerating things.
  • Content & Images Another latest Mobile Application Development Trend is to incorporate complementary content and clear images instead of aspects such as interaction. For instance, the well known mobile apps such as Pinterest, Facebook and Vine can be observed featuring rationalized framework layouts that are typically based on single image or specific content. The feasibility of this kind of design is that it draws the series of posted content into single column making it easy for the users to quickly scroll through numerous posts at a time.

The above-mentioned Mobile Application Development Trends have persuaded several Mobile Website Development Companies to induce apparent modifications to their existing user interface.
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