Method of Handling and Tracking Ecommerce Transactions

Ecommerce is a fast growing business; more and more companies are heading their way towards online business. The large profit margins and trade leads have been an imperative factor contributing to the thriving ecommerce market. Establishing an ecommerce business is a task that comprises of various stages but properly incepting it doesn’t ensure its success. You must be wondering then what the determining factor of a successful ecommerce business is. The sales & leads generated and the satisfaction of the clients, this all could be found out by tracking the ecommerce transactions.


Ecommerce transactions
The transactions between an ecommerce business, customer and the bank constitute ecommerce transactions. These transactions ought to be secure and highly confidential.


Why is it essential to track ecommerce transactions?
Tracking down your ecommerce transactions is a key to analyze the progress of your online business. The data collected by tracking the ecommerce transactions is utilized for measuring the conversion rate. Google Analytics is the best ecommerce tracking service.


How do ecommerce tracking work?
It works on the principal similar to pageview tracking. The Google Analytic servers are sent a JavaScript Code.


The main process:

  1. Transaction is submitted to the server
  2. Data is received and processed :At this stage confirmation email as well cross checking of the credit card information takes place
  3. After the processing of the transaction is completed, the visitor is sent a receipt: some of the data is inserted in the JavaScript of the Google Analytics. A special code has to be created for this task.
  4. Receipt sent to the browser of the visitor
  5. When the receipt page is being placed in the browser, the transaction data in the form of GA JavaScript is sent to the Google Analytics

This step is a tricky one but is conducted very smoothly.


What kind of data is tracked?

  1. Transaction data: tax, shipping, etc
  2. Item data: product name, quantity, price, etc.

Things to avoid:

  1. Alpha numeric characters should be avoided in the data
  2. Currency identifier must not be added

Thus a systematic tracking program enables you to maintain concrete data that further helps in measuring the growth of the business.


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