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Know When Your Website Needs a Redesign

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2012-07-30

Know When Your Website Needs a Redesign

Your Website is your company's online presence. Thus, it needs to change in order to reflect the changes in your company. The following guidelines will help you in analyzing whether the design of your website is still in alignment to serve your business objectives or does it need a Redesign:

  • Changes In Your Business: Since Your Website is the online reflection of your company, it has to change with every change in your company. New products launched or new branches and offices opened should be corresponded with similar changes in your website. Otherwise, you run the risk of providing incomplete information to your potential and existing online customers.
  • Fall In Online Business: Since the purpose of any business website is to tap the online market-share and maintain its presence in the virtual market, a fall in Online Business should be a clear cut sign that something is wrong with Your Website. You should consult professional web designers who will provide valuable inputs into how to modify the design of your Website.
  • Poor Rankings In Relevant Searches In Search Engines: Your Website's visibility in the Search Engines is an important requirement for your business. If relevant searches in the popular Search Engines do not show Your Website in their first page, you need to sit with a SEO expert who will guide you on the Redesign of Your Website.
  • Not User-friendly: Have a look at Your Website and objectively analyze its user-friendliness. Users tend to navigate away from websites which are not user-friendly. It is an indication that Your Website Needs a Redesign which concentrates on making it more User-friendly.
  • New Technological Advances: With continuous changes in the field of IT happening at rapid pace, the software and applications become outdated pretty quickly. If Your Website uses outdated technologies, it is bound to get sidelined by users. New software like flash should be used to enhance the look of your Website, thereby increasing its attraction.

Most companies find it hectic to continuously change their websites. However, you must understand that even though your Company does not change often, technology does. You will understand the implications by asking yourself a simple question: Will you use MS-DOS based interfaces when more user friendly and interactive interfaces are available?Thus, you have to judge the right time to Redesign Your Website

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