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Inline-Block A tool to fix margin bugs in style-sheet

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-07-05

Inline-Block  A tool to fix margin bugs in style-sheet

Before the year 2004 when Internet Explorer 6 was dominating browser market share, netizens used to face severe problems of Float Margins in the said version of explorer. During this period, tech experts were unable to fix the problem in an altogether manner, which had lead netizens to work along with the unfixable bug. The bug was entailing great variations in the setting of margin, further playing havoc with the display of any object on the web page.
But, with the onset of CSS's Inline-Block property in later 2004, the setting of margin in IE6 had seen great transformation, as the developers could now display certain HTML elements, on a web page, as per a visitor's convenience.
The blog is purported to make you aware of the basics of Inline Block as well as its functioning.

What exactly is Inline-Block? Inline-Block has become popular amid a host of developers as a display property that enables them to define how certain HTML elements would be exhibited on any web page. It allows CSS developers to define IE6?s margins to behave in the desired manner.

Know how the property works: - In IE6, where floating an element and giving it a desired margin was an impossible task for the developers, Inline Block property/value has facilitated them to fix this bug with an IE6 hack. The value enable developers to set the margin, which is half the value of the original or else could also be adjusted by giving the element's display property a value of inline-block, in IE6. The property Inline-Block has significantly helped developers to resolve the issue in the most of cases.
The above description of facts about Inline block property will enable you to get hold over its nitty-gritties and somehow empower you to utilize the property to fix margin bugs in your style-sheet.

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