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In Search Engine which site is better dynamic or static?

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2010-03-06

In Search Engine which site is better dynamic or static?

What do you think is the fastest means of promotion in the present scenario? The answer is Internet. Its growing accessibility and people's dependency on it has made it an excellent platform for advertizing the businesses. There are various Internet tools that are used for the purpose of promotion but the most common and the widely used is the Website.

A Website is a promotional tool that is used by the marketers in order to advertize a business online. It is the company's face online that is presented in a flashy manner to the users. All the relevant information regarding the company's working and the services or products it offers is made available on these sites.

How many kinds of website are there?

The websites are made in two formats: >> Static website >> Dynamic website
What is the main aim of any website? A website is successful only when it is able to achieve higher search engine rankings. So, the main aim of any web designer is to create a Website that is search engine friendly.

What is the difference between static and dynamic websites?

In simple language, static websites are the basic type of websites that remain unchanged unless they are edited by the webmasters. The content and data uploaded on these sites is fixed and the pages are designed using the HTML. Brochures, Classic Websites, etc. are the examples of static websites. They are ideal for small business as they are cheaper than the dynamic ones. Dynamic websites as the name suggests keeps changing. The content and data on the site is likely to change frequently. They are suitable for shopping carts and large businesses who periodically upgrade their products. They are comparatively costlier than the static pages.

Now let us see which of the two websites: static or dynamic is more compatible with Search Engines?

  • Dynamic websites are a compilation of different web pages and all the pages are not made using HTML so they are likely to vary with every search, which disable the search engine to crawl the contents. Also, the URL of dynamic websites contains different characters like #, &, etc that prevents the search engine spider to index the data present on that page. URLs having session IDs face complications while being searched by the search engines. The links are not properly followed so the Page Rank suffers.
  • These problems can be fixed using advance software but it requires time and additional money. Dynamic pages should not be used on the website's main page and should be restricted to the database or catalog in order to gain better search engine rankings.

Static web pages are simple to load by the search engine as they don't have to be collected. The Google PR attributes are specially provided to Static Websites so they have an extra advantage.
Static websites are better than dynamic ones when search engines are concerned. Dynamic pages are converted to static for this purpose but the penalties related to copied content needs to be taken care off. Though now many search engines are able to index the dynamic pages but it takes time and is completed with errors on the page.

1 thoughts on "In Search Engine which site is better dynamic or static?"

  • Juegos
    23 February, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    Static pages are better for SEO, for a script the pages using dynamic URLs (IDs in URLs) are loading faster than the pages using seo friendly URLs based on slugs.


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