Important Tips For A Website Designer While Creating Websites

important-tips-for-a-website-designer-while-creating-websitesA website is actually a display window of the company or an organization. Hence, it’s important that it should be designed well as it would be beneficial to not only retain the existing users but attract new ones as well. Enlisted below are certain important factors that every website designer should keep in mind while designing the websites:


Fonts – Make use of some basic fonts such as “Arial: or “Times New Roman”, which are installed on every computer. If you use a font that is not installed on the visitors computer, so the web browser will automatically choose a default font and this will damage the look and design of your website. So, utmost priority has to be given to the font type and size being used on the website.


Use Of Appropriate Colors - Colors can enhance or break the look of your website. Use a balanced color scheme. The colors chosen should be as such that makes the content readable on the webpage. If the content is not readable, then it is bound to leave a bad impression on the visitors.


Distracting Elements Should Be Avoided – Make sure that if you use graphics or any type of flash animations on your website, it should be properly placed. While designing a website it should be given top most importance as it can annoy or distract the users of that website.


Use Of Small Images And Alt Tags – Upload small graphics or images in the webpage as it reduces the loading time of the website. Save the images in the formats like .jpeg, GIF etc. With the images, make use of ‘alt’ tags. It helps the user to understand the website well in case the image or the graphics is not loaded on the visitors system.


Proper Testing Of The Web Pages – After you are through with the designing process, test the web pages you have created on major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome etc. Sometimes the preview may not be the same in all the web browsers. Therefore, in order to avoid that problem, properly test you all your web pages. It is one of the crucial tasks before you site is uploaded by the web hosts.


Designing a website can be really a herculean task! But, keep the above written points in mind to create powerful and impactful website.

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