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HTML Sitemap: Key To Easy Web Navigation

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-10-04

HTML Sitemap: Key To Easy Web Navigation

Sitemap is the most vital part of a website but yet is happily ignored by most of the webmasters, Search Engine Optimization or SEO Experts as well as developers. A Sitemap refers to an index of all the webpages that is either accessible to the users as well as the crawlers or spiders to search and index the content of the same. Especially creating HTML based sitemap enhances the popularity of the webpages on the search engines and earns higher rankings for the entire site. Let us explore how actually HTML site works and what are several advantages offered by it.

What is HTML?

HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is a markup language that aids in creating images and objects in web page and create interactive web forums.

What is a Sitemap?

Sitemap is very much like index page of a book that gives an outline of the topics covered in the website. It acts as a very handy navigation tool for surfers as well as internet search engines.

Why HTML Sitemap?

Unlike a book, a website has very little time to attract or impress a visitor. Therefore, index or what is referred as sitemap in web lingo, plays vital role in this. Along with this, the success and failure of a website depends upon the number of visitors visiting that site. In this case, the HTML Sitemap helps in better categorization of content of webpages on search pages and therefore increases the page ranking.

Advantages of HTML Sitemap

  • Makes the website, user as well as crawler friendly This is because, and HTML based sitemap is just one single page on which you can find link to all the other pages.
  • Earns you better SEO Rankings The basic principle of web designing is that the higher your web ranking is the more web traffic you will attract. HTML based sitemaps helps in better indexing of webpages and therefore helps in achieving higher SEO Rankings.

Navigational Ease Navigational ease is the factor, which decides success and failure of a Website. A site which has amazing animation and flash based programming won't be able to beat a simple site with basic web content unless and until the visitor easily finds what he is looking for. Surely the visitor didn't come to your site to admire your flash presentation, therefore irrespective of how creative and technologically advanced the site is, Navigation holds pivotal importance and therefore HTML Sitemap is of also of great importance in a Website. These are just some of the basic information and advantages of adding a HTML Sitemap to your website. Try looking around and you are sure to find other technical features of HTML Sitemap that will help in improving the quality of your Website.

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