HTML And CSS: Contributing To Web Revolution

html-and-css-contributing-to-web-revolutionThe Cyber world has undergone a huge revolution over the years. Many advanced programming languages have contributed to this development and amongst the prominent are HTML and CSS. Favored by all the search engines, utilization of these languages has increased extensively over the past few years. While on one hand, HTML is highly easy to understand and use, CSS, on the other hand, helps websites to load quicker than they usually do.


What is HTML5?
Developed by IBM, HTML 5 is of great use for several web developers. Inculcation of international characters, tables, and a variety of image maps are the outcome of development of various versions of HTML. With the introduction of HTML 5, the video implantation has no separate plug-in or codec.


What is CSS?
It is useful for reduction of code size. This is done by creating groups and is the right choice for styling of the WebPages that are prepared and generated in other markup language. CSS was introduced to overcome the constraints of HTML. Having excelled at providing perfect web development services, CSS is preferably expected to popularize in the coming years.


Versions Available:
The developments in web have led to the advent of subsequent versions of HTML and CSS.HTML has grown substantially with the introduction of its improved versions like HTML 3, version 3.2, version 4.0, and version 4.01. Ready for release in the market, HTML 5 is the latest of the lot and is thus reckoned as the best. CSS 3 is the recent installment of CSS series.


Both the programming languages have the capability to rise and revolutionize the web world with their advantages.CSS3 has grown impeccably in the recent times and is expected to boost the quality of web development services. HTML5 on the other hand, is acclaimed for providing high quality web developments services too.

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